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Documents on the alleged silencing of Heinrich Himmler

Irving at PRO, 2003Working at the Public Record Office in London in March 2003 David Irving (right) already discovered significant discrepancies in the British Army records relating to the capture and death of Herinrich Himmler:


1. The interrogations of Himmler's principal adjutant SS Ostuf Werner Grothmann (21 Army Group Interim Report DIC/D/CI/17 dated Jun 13, 1945, PRO file WO.208/4474) and the Westertime report, Camp 031 CIC, Preliminary Interrogation Report, 031/Misc/19, May 24, 1945 (PRO file WO.208/4431); and of the other adjutant accompanying Himmler, Karl Heinz Macher, Oct 23, 1945 (PRO file WO.208/4431) make plain that they were captured May 21, not May 23, 1945 as the record suggests -- two days before the death of Himmler. They were both with Himmler at the time of their capture. There is therefore an unexplained two-day interval.

2. The three-page War Diary, Second Army Defence Company, BAOR, for May 1945, covering the arrest and "suicide" of Himmler, Prützmann and other top Nazis (PRO file WO.171/3969), has been tampered with.

  • Unlike the rest of the 1945 months, which are ribbon-copies, the three pages for May 1945 are carbon copies, and have always been filed in this folder the wrong way round (with foot of page toward spine); as the other corner is not hole-punched, the anomaly occurred while the folder was still in War Office custody, before its transfer to the PRO.
  • The whole second page, covering Himmler's arrest and death, has been retyped on the same typewriter as the other pages but by a different, less practiced typist, as evidenced by various clues: the typist of page 2 uses the figure 1 instead of l (el) in numbers, puts no full-stop after initials, capitalizes the unit name, and incorrectly writes 'HIMMLER'S' on page 2 instead of 'HIMMLER's' as, correctly, on page 3, and does not striking out the second and third lines of the printed title ('or INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY') at the head of page 2. So page 2 was removed and retyped.

diaryWhat can that mean? Well, page 2 shows no entries between May 20 and May 23, the date of Himmler's death; and since other military sources indicate that the arrest of Himmler and his two companions was on May 21, not just some hours earlier on May 23 as later claimed, it may mask what was happening to him in the missing two days. The numerical figure 1 is also used in the April 1945 diary, but the whole diary apart from May is typed one month at a time, and not one page at a time.

Given these stark clues of something unusual having happened, we are entitled to weigh more closely the lesser signs of hankey-panky. E.g., that the file of telegrams of 21 Army Group commander Montgomery to the War Office from May 7 onwards, the M- series, is missing.

Rather odd that there is no reference whatever to the event in the war diary of General Dempsey, commander of Second Army. The 1945 war diary was maintained by Major Norman Whittaker, Comd, Second Army Defence Company; he left the unit for demobilisation on Aug 20, 1945. His second in command was T/Capt G F Clutton.

Based on a note for the record by David Irving,March 2003

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