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August 2000

Check out our latest READERS' LETTERS-
Donald Roy Miller writes how much he admires our website and why
Could a Führer Order be Flouted?
Paul Grubach writes from Ohio, USA that Hitler did want Final Solution postponed
Prisoners in Siberia were not allowed to send postcards home like prisoners in Auschwitz
Mr Irving's opponents base their case on interpretations not facts

Real History Update #2.

Coming to Cincinnati for Real History 2000? We are flying in first-rate experts on unusual history for you: like Australian best-selling historian Kimberley Cornish whose book on Hitler's Jewish philosopher school-fellow Wittgenstein has unsettled the establishment (details)

"The Jew of Linz"


Penguin Books Ltd., have started peddling their own version of Mr Justice Gray's notorious 333-page Judgment in David Irving's libel action. Their price: £7.95. You can download it today free in a superior illustrated and annotated 134-page print version: 2.5MB PDF file. FREE DOWNLOAD PAGE download page [about 8 mins]  

"Fighting the Lies of the Traditional Enemies of the Truth"
Closing speech delivered by David Irving in the British High Court
in his Libel Action against Penguin Books Ltd and Deborah Lipstadt

The 44-page special has been uploaded as a PDF file (500 K): download time 2 minutes: save it - print it - share it! download page (Print copy: $10)

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