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Posted Tuesday, June 8, 2004


Eva Braun album up for sale


THE Cavendish Auctions of Derby website is selling by auction a 1934-6 photo album claimed to belong to Eva Braun (right), supported by a 1945 Daily Mirror clipping stating that the album was found in Hitler's Berlin bunker: 73 unpublished photos of Hitler and friends Estimate: £10,000

[Lot] 4169 - EVA BRAUN'S PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM c1934-36: Rectangular (330 x 230 mm) album with canvas covers stencilled with an Art Deco swastika motif in red & black and containing 73 'snaps', many captioned on the reverse or on the page - none previously published; subjects include informal portraits of Hitler reading papers on the terrace at Berchtesgaden and strolling in the groounds, various views of the mountain retreat, Hitler with crowds outside the gates, groups of stormtroopers, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, a torch-lit meeting, Hitler getting into his car outside the Chancellery, groups of soldiers, the Führer's office, Junkers plane with soldier escort party, etc.

A newspaper cutting from The Daily Mirror (16 July 1945) pasted inside the cover tells the story of the album's discovery in the Berlin bunker after the marriage and suicides of Hitler & Eva Braun and attempts to construct a love-affair between Braun and one of the pictured guards.

Eva Braun was assistant to Hitler's photographer, [Heinrich] Hoffmann and was responsible with him for the tide of Nazi propaganda photograph material which flooded Germany in the mid-1930s; a distant relative [sic] of the Führer, she became his companion and - ultimately - his wife. The album was stored in a South African bank vault for many years before being purchased by the present owner; none of the pictures has been published previously. The album's covers are dusty with two or three tears, interleaving is torn but all photographs are in fine condition (one is creased); there are 73 of the original 74 photographs remaining in the album. A unique item.


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