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October 29, 1999

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Hitler with Ribbentrop



Hitler secretly gay --historian


London. Hitler was a closet gay who had a crush on one of his ministers, according to a new book by a leading German historian.

The Fuhrer's secret love was architect Albert Speer who designed the Nuremburg Stadium where the Nazis staged their massive rallies, the book says. Speer later became Minister of Armaments.

The pair had a homosexual relationship, Joachim Fest claims in a biography of Speer, who was jailed for 20 years for war crimes and died in london in 1981.

They spent hours in each other's company studying building plans for the Third Reich, but Speer didn 't return his leader's affections. "He was the dominant person in the relationship and Hitler was the loser," Fest said.

Hitler, responsible for the extermination of six million Jews, killed himself in April 1945. His partner at the time, Eva Braun, died with him.

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Comment: Joachim Fest published a biography of Hitler which was widely acclaimed until a well-publicised visit to the US National Archives in Washington late in the 1970s. After his lecture he was challenged by the director of the archives, as to whether Fest had ever visited them, since they held major collections of records of the Nazi era; Fest admitted he had never set foot in an archives in his life.

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