Posted Tuesday, January 2, 2007

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November 20, 2006

Ahmedenijad and Lady Renouf

Lady Renouf is too extreme even for the BNP

Below: Lady Renouf and Irving: BNP has banned her from talking at meeting. [Unfortunately the Evening Standard pictured the wrong Lady Renouf; the real Renouf is seen above with President Ahmedenijad in Nov 2006 in Teheran].

Evening StandardIN THE fight for free speech, this must be a bizarre first. The ultra right wing British National Party has banned holocaust denier Lady Renouf from addressing one of its meetings -- on the grounds that her views are too extreme.

The ex-wife of the late New Zealand financier Sir Frank Renouf has been warned that she will not be welcome at the event, to be held by the Croydon Branch of the Party on Wednesday evening.

"I can confirm this," says a BNP spokesman. "Lady Renouf was going to speak to our Croydon members, ostensibly to give them an update on the David Irving situation. She's been promoting him in Canada and America recently She was also going to be selling copies of her new DVD, Jailing Opinions. But someone higher up than me thought her presence would put the BNP in a bad light. She was going to talk about history and revisionism."

LADY Renouf is no stranger to being reduced to the status of a pariah. In 2003 the Reform Club expelled her after more than 70 members signed a petition calling for her head. They'd found out that she had entertained infamous historian David Irving on the premises.

She has maintained her friendship with Irving ever since, even protesting outside the Austrian embassy in London following his imprisonment in Vienna a year ago.

In a newspaper interview with The Independent in 2003, described Judaism as "a creed of domination and racial superiority". Australian-born Michele Renouf says the BNP is cowering to political correctness and bullying from the Jewish community "It's extraordinary to be banned by a right wing group," she says. I was hoping to promote my film which is about freedom of speech. I agree with BNP leader Nick Griffin that multiculturalism hasn't worked and that we should be celebrating different races. I believe Islam is standing up for the rights of its own communities."

A BNP spokesman confirms that not all members are happy that Lady Renouf has been banned: 'A lot of members are quite annoyed about this, but the people at the top said it would be unacceptable if Lady Renouf turned up so they've put the dampners on it."

Arrest and imprisonment of David Irving in Austria
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