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Posted Saturday, September 13, 2003

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David Irving comments:

SURPRISINGLY little comment in the British media, and no word at all in The Jewish Chronicle, about this unspectacular setback to the attempt by the Jewish mafia to seize control of the media in the post-Soviet Russia. Or perhaps the silence is not so surprising after all.

   Vladimir Putin

For a while, it is true, there was outrage as the outstanding and upright Russian President Vladimir Putin ruthlessly smacked down the efforts of this mafia to seize control of the oil and petroleum industries and of the TV and printed media.
  When the principal villains were arrested, there were the usual global bleats, particularly from their cronies in the United States, about "anti-Semitism"; the cries were silenced when several of those under indictment fled to a certain sh*tty little country in the Middle East to escape further "persecution".
   In the world of Ariel Sharon and the Neo-Cons this parrot-cry no longer conjures up the magic that it did in the immediate post-World War Two era, because it takes a blind eye indeed not to be humanly outraged at events in the Middle East.
   Normal people are finding themselves increasingly ranged along side the "anti-Semites", and their enemies will have to find a new smear to fling about before long.

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The Arizona Republic

Saturday, September 13, 2003, page A22

Boris Berezovsky

Russian fraud suspect will evade extradition

London -- Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky, wanted at home [i.e. in Russia] involving fraud, cannot be extradited now that he has been granted political assylum in Britain, a judge ruled Friday.

Judge Timothy Workman, presiding at Bow Street Magistrates Court, said it was pointless to proceed with the case since Home Secretary David Blunkett decided last week to grant Berezovsky asylum.

British police arrested Berezovsky in March on Russian charges that he and an associate defrauded a regional government of $13 million in the mid-1990s by stealing cars from Russia's largest automaker, AvtoVaz.


Jan 2000: Gli occhi del Cremlino puntano sui media russi (Italian)
Reuters reports that The World Jewish Congress asked Interpol not to arrest Jewish Russian media magnate Vladimir Gusinsky
Apr 25, 2001: Russian media tycoon Vladimir Gusinsky (below) has flown from Spain to Israel, apparently in a new bid to escape the clutches of Moscow prosecutors
Jan 2002: Independent Russian TV shut down
Vladimir Gusinksy

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