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Posted Saturday, February 17, 2007

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Palm Beach Post

Friday, February 09, 2007
ADL director Abe Foxman: Internet fans flames of anti-Semitism

By Ron Hayes
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

PALM BEACH - The national director of the Anti-Defamation League speculated today that the Internet may be a major factor in growing anti-Semitism throughout the world.


"Want to get sick?" he said. "Log on to 'Holocaust.'"

Abraham Foxman, incorruptible and beloved long-term chief of The Anti Defamation League (annual pay: $750,000) whose strategies have led to a global decrease in anti-Semitism. Not.

"I'm becoming convinced more and more every day that the reason anti-Semitism is out there more is this highway, this transmitter belt," Abraham Foxman told about 350 people gathered for the ADL's national executive committee meeting, which runs through Sunday at The Breakers. "These blogs circulate it and reinforce it, and so there's more of it."

While calling himself "a complete illiterate" when it comes to computers who is only now learning about them, Foxman said he's seen the potential for spreading hatred and bigotry online. "Want to get sick?" he said. "Log on to 'Holocaust.' With the Web you can extend and enhance and entertain, but it's also provided a legitimate highway for bigotry."

On the Internet, neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers have at least the same potential audience as Web sites that promote peace, love and understanding. But Foxman confessed frustration at finding an effective way to combat the Internet's potential for inflaming bigotry.


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