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Posted Thursday, March 3, 2005

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German Police arrest Ernst Zundel



Abraham Foxman, incorruptible and beloved long-term chief of The Anti Defamation League (annual pay: $750,000) whose strategies have led to a global decrease in anti-Semitism. Not.

Anti Defamation League's R. Golmans' obscenity response to a letter from Official Wire re Holocaust evidence and the Zündel issue:

QUERY: "I wondered whether or not you would be able to supply me with any independent evidence as to the claim of 'six million' Jews exterminated by Nazi authorities. I have read a great deal of information concerning the subject and I am aware of claims made by survivors, etc. and of course, members of my own family were interned by German officials in two different camps, during the war, but as to the specific claims that 'Jews were gassed' and or 'cremated' in large (wholesale) numbers, I would be interested to see evidence; excluding that which is offered by the U.S. government and or Hollywood."

GOLMAN: "Go f*ck yourself, you Nazi pig."

 [Website comment: We doubt that this evidence would stand up in Court.]


Anti-Defamation League dossier
The boss of crusade against anti-semitism confesses to press that his organisation took huge bribe to influence US President to pardon billionaire Jewish fraudster |

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