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Irving, David. Added Nov 8, 2001. In an article posted on his Web site, British Holocaust denier David Irving once again blames U.S. support for Israel for the September 11 attacks.

Irving asks, "Why did the nineteen intelligent and virile young Muslims, with everything to live for, choose to die a violent death instead and tear thousands of innocent strangers into that Moloch with them?"

The first part of Irving's answer to the question reflects his contempt for U.S. and a desire on his part to connect the killing of innocent people there to the killing of "innocents" by the U.S. and the Allies during World War II.

Irving writes, "Whatever we may think of the evilness and immorality of the corporate structures that infested the Twin Towers, and indeed some corridors of the Pentagon, there can be no doubt of the individual innocence of the thousands who died -- just as those who were burned alive in Dresden, Wuppertal, and Pforzheim were innocent, or those incinerated in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or blitzed in London or Coventry."

Irving goes on to lay the blame for the attacks squarely on the U.S.'s shoulders: "Part of the answer is obvious, as is evident from the guilty speed with which Mayor Rudi [sic] Guiliani flung back the ten-million dollar cheque at the Saudi prince who wrote it to benefit the city's victims, before having the audacity to suggest his own answer: U.S. foreign policy was to blame."

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