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posted Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Newspaper is either Evening Standard or Daily Telegraph, 1967, Peterborough Column. Date unknown


Inquest on the death of a General


DAVID IRVING, the war historian, in his book published today, puts a microscope on the famous incident in the controversial play by Rolf Hochhuth, "The Soldiers." In the play, it is suggested that Winston Churchill "organised" the crash of a Liberator aircraft to "remove" General Sikorski, leader of the Polish exile government during the war.

"Irving's book is titled Accident" (William Kimber, 45s.) -- and " accident" is, in fact, the verdict he brings in after an analysis of all the evidence conducted down to the tiniest detail.

In his own words, he finds " formidable difficulties" against the theory of sabotage . . . even by the British who had the best opportunity.

As a postscript to the incident I reproduce from the book a cartoon which had wide circulation in Germany at the time.

Irving's other books: "The Destruction of Dresden," " The Mare's Nest," and "The Virus House."


"I'll put my cards on the table, General. I am from the British Secret Service. You don't fit in with Britain's plans any more. Will you take the tea, or do you prefer the aeroplane . . . ?" -- German propaganda cartoon in Das Reich.


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