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Posted Monday, May 23, 20055, updated Thursday, December 27, 2007

Adolf Hitler items from the estate of
Frau Prof. Gerdy Troost

In 2005 we were approached by Mr Charles T., a Cleveland (Ohio) art collector and connoisseur, and invited to offer through our website a number of items he had purchased from the estate of Gerdy Troost, right, the widow of Hitler's favourite architect Ludwig Troost (who designed the Haus der Kunst art gallery still standing in Munich today). Two of the items, illustrated below, have already been sold (May 2005) for nearly $20,000 each (see below), and their buyer has now turned down offers for them in excess of $25,000. There is a healthy interest in the art works of German dictator Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler: Siegestor, Munich, 1919.

SOLD $18,500

Adolf Hitler: Hoftheater, Munich, 1919.

SOLD $18,500

T. describes (Feb 2005): "These watercolors are authentic. Professor Gerdy Troost died in February 2003. Much of the estate had been sold to an American collector, but on a visit to Germany in June 2003, I saw 1930s furniture, books autographed by Hitler, Winifred Wagner, and Arno Breker; stacks of ink blotters used by Hitler, and letters and notes from him to Professor Troost including one written in late 1943, five or six pages long, discussing art. Amazing that while his world was collapsing, Hitler had the time and inclination to write about art!

I purchased two very interesting bronze busts on marble bases; these were originally a set of six -- Hitler presented two to Troost. I have a photo showing one of them on a table in Hitler's apartment during the 1938 Munich conference.

I also purchased an oil painting by a Norwegian painter, Christian Meyer Ross, that Hitler presented to her in the mid 1930s. In the Bavarian State Library are papers relevant to this painting in their Troost Collection, but some of it is closed until 2019.

Hitler's painting of the Karlskirche (below) is a unique miniature; the one of the Hoftheater in Munich (above right) is simply superb and demonstrates vividly that the man had talent.

Adolf Hitler: Karlskirche, Vienna, 1914


Right: The owner, T., shows the Adolf Hitler miniature to an admirer

Adolf Hitler: Unknown building, Vienna, 1909

BOTH SOLD December 2007, $20,000

David Irving personally vouches for the authenticity of all these items

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