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posted Thursday, June 16, 2005

Letters to David Irving on this Website


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Gary Goodenow of Florida recalls a 1999 conversations with Mr Irving, Thursday, June 16, 2005, in which he opined Himmler had been murdered


You said 1999 that Himmler was murderedHimmler, deceased

Re: "note for the record March 2003" and Himmler's murder

YOU considered it murder as early as fall 1999. After you spoke in Miami on October 16, 1999 and autographed my copy of "Nuremberg: The Last Battle", I recall asking: "the last battle -you think you've exhausted the subject?"

You replied: there was still plenty to be written, adding that you were writing on Himmler.

Pedantically, I asked: "don't you think Peter Padfield had the final word?" You told me that an editor [Adam Sisman at Macmillan UK Ltd] had you review Padfield's manuscript; which you did, without credit.

I asked if Gudrun [Himmler's daughter] would see you for an interview on her father. You stated there was likely little to learn from Gudrun, and the real story was the man's death -- which you were certain was murder!

I scoffed, saying that unlike Hitler's death, Himmler was caught by the British, so there couldn't be a question of the truth. You were not so sure.

I thought you'd climbed on Rosinante to think it worth your time to investigate Himmler's death. You were right. Long before May 2005.

Gary Goodenow



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