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David Irving's Sammelakte (dossier) on
The Schlegelberger Document




  • (l) Letter from Professor Eberhard Jäckel to David Irving January 11, 1978, re 4025 PS (which he corrects to 4055-PS) and Bormann Vermerke
  • (m) reply by David Irving to Jäckel, January 13, 1978, requesting a copy of Item 4 of 4055-PS
  • (n) Jäckel to Irving, January 23, 1978, supplying transcript of items from 4055-PS, including main text of Item 4 ((d) in this list)
  • (o) letter from Robert Wolfe, National Archives, to David Irving, February 1, 1978, enclosing letter to Telford Taylor, January 26, 1978 and clear negative copies of Items (b) and (d) in this list
  • (p) acknowledgement by David Irving to Robert Wolfe of receipt of these items, Febuary 12, 1978
  • (q) typescript page of Hitler's War German edition, now rewritten on basis of these documents;
  • (r) draft endnotes to this book relating to the Schlegelberger Document
  • (s) letter David Irving to Jäckel, February 12, 1978 (enclosing (p) and other pages no longer in the file)
  • (t) acknowledgement by Jäckel to Irving of these items, February 20, 1978, and enclosing item (u) below
  • (u) a facsimile of the Schlegelberger Document now obtained from Bundesarchiv file R22/52
  • (v) David Irving's typed transcript of item (d), the Schlegelberger Document
  • (w) letter David Irving to Eberhard Jäckel February 28, 1978
  • (x) Evening Standard Londoner's Diary report on the document, March 9, 1978
  • (y) letter from Eberhard Jäckel to David Irving, March 17, 1978
  • (z) letter from Irving to Jäckel, March 22, 1978
  • (zz) letter from Irving to Jäckel, May 29, 1978


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