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September 2004

New Zealand: Mossad spies arrested, David irving banned

New Zealand, Mossad spies (Sept 2004 - Feb 2005)

David Irving's New Zealand visit planned to begin Sept 18, 2004

Jews and anti-Semitism


Bush war against Iraq


Lipstadt Trial and Auschwitz

Free Speech

World War II History


Hidden eye AR-Dossier: casebook on the origins of modern antisemitism

An oddly abusive Yannis Natsinas asks what led to the death of Gauleiter Gustav Simon
Britt and Keri Singleton comment on a gun-camera video from the attack on Afghanistan
Swedish student Henrik asks for sources on Hitler's ideology
Gene Mangrum disagrees that the 9/11 hijackers were "intrepid"
Tom Stoneburner doubts that there are many real anomalies about 9/11
Frank Lowe writes about Rudolf Höss's testimony on the gassings at Auschwitz
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