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Posted Wednesday, September 15, 2004

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The cloud-cuckoo-land in which New Zealand politicians live: If Mr Irving forced his way on [to the Qantas flight], it might be the job of the biggest stewardess we can find to stop him.--Deputy Prime Minister Dr Cullen

New Zealand, Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Holocaust denier ready to fight to enter country

By Sophie Neville
and NZPA

HOLOCAUST denier David Irving is preparing for "the mother of all legal battles" if he is banned from entering New Zealand this week. Mr Irving said yesterday he was booked on a Qantas flight from Los Angeles due to arrive in Auckland on Saturday.
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David Irving comments:

THERE WAS of course no "conviction" for any offence in Canada.
   The only "conviction" there is to my name was for allegedly offending against Germany's laws for the suppression of free speech, in 1990, i.e., fourteen years ago.
   Despite a $30,000 fine, it was never even listed in Germany's criminal records register [Straf- register], and it has meanwhile been expunged by the usual time period.
   That "conviction" was also used by my enemies as the initial basis for the Canada ban, although there is no such law in Canada (or New Zealand).
   The expulsion from Canada resulted from an alleged technical immigration offence, which never in fact occurred. Leave to appeal was refused after many months by Mr Justice Rothstein, without giving any reasons. (We can guess).

AS for the wretched journalist Sophie Neville who wrote this article, I have written her today:
   "I was very sorry to see that you described me as Holocaust denier in the first words of your published story. This is a needless smear, as anybody who has read my works fully knows. You clearly did not investigate in any depth.
   Please advise your editor that I am accordingly not willing to speak further with you as this story develops, and if The Dominion wishes to follow through I shall speak only with a different journalist."  

However, Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen (left) said New Zealand's borders were still closed to the controversial historian, and he would be stopped from boarding the plane. If Mr Irving forced his way on, it might be the job of "the biggest stewardess we can find" to stop him.

Mr Irving has hired Auckland lawyer Colin Amery, who has taken previous high- profile immigration cases, and said nothing would be spared in a legal battle if he was banned. Mr Irving wants to come to New Zealand to speak about his controversial views and use the national archives to research a biography on Winston Churchill.

He is scheduled to speak at the National Press Club in Wellington on September 27. However, Mr Irving is not entitled to a visa automatically as a British citizen because he has been deported from another country [Canada] after a conviction for an immigration offence.

Mr Amery said he had been approached about three weeks ago by Mr Irving, who was at school with him in England in the 1950s. He was surprised to hear from him -- they were not friends -- and representing him was "not an easy decision . . . I hold diametrically opposite views". Mr Amery said he was interested to know how far Dr Cullen's "extra-territorial jurisdiction" extended in terms of stopping Irving from boarding a plane in Los Angeles.

He had contacted immigration officials and found there were possible options for getting Mr Irving into New Zealand. One was applying for a special permit from the New Zealand Government, and another was obtaining the permit from "a source outside of New Zealand". "It has been suggested that an individual outside New Zealand could assist us. But I can't say more about that because of the delicate negotiations."




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