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May 2000
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Richard Duffy writes on the folly of attacking the Traditional Enemies of the Truth
F Gain recalls the Bombing and Strafing of Dresden, 1945
Stefan de Batselier saw a BBC programme about a Jewish ex-slave worker in Buna, Auschwitz
Prof. Richard Evans: If the price is right
Great Fakes of History: Peter Muller recalls an incident after WW.II about Dresden and the Nazi camps
Lipstadt's references to Mr Irving as a bug and to "pest control" recall other prominent Jews' usage of such metaphors
Niall McNamara writes from Dublin, Ireland, about American Libraries Association policies
Dan MacGuire writes from Toronto: the Traditional Enemy has struck at local Libraries
After the Trial: "Dear Scumbag," and other letters
Chris Turkington on the problem of burning bodies with 3.5kg of coke (as claimed by Pelt)
Reinhard Tixel on the same problem
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