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Posted Wednesday, March 10, 2004

No, the count automatically clicks back up to Six Million after a few hours have elapsed.

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March 10, 2004 (Wednesday)
London (England)

DON P. emails with tongue in furry cheek from Las Vegas: "Your count of Jewish victims is incorrect. It should be 5,999,198. You forgot the twin Jewesses who found each other in Israel a month or so back. Each thought that the other was a victim. You must be careful with your numbers, or you will accused of being a holocaust denier."

I reply: "No, the count automatically clicks back up to Six Million after a few hours have elapsed."

A message comes from a reader in Rheims, a leftist city in France: "All the David Irving books in the library in this city have been put into the library store."

They are almost pathetic, the measures that the traditional enemy now stoops to. They have forgotten the Internet, which has grown up in their back yards like a huge convolvulus plant, choking the life out of them: a parasite to spell finis to all parasites. It is like something from The Day of The Triffids. There is no known antidote.

Midday: a message comes from Tibor Gedes, publisher of Felkeles, the new Hungarian language edition of my 1981 history of the anti-communist, anti-communist Budapest Uprising of 1956. The first edition has sold right out after my appearance there in October. Mysteriously, they have run into a problem with the reprint . . .

Since I last wrote to you in January [2004] we had a dilemma with the reprinting of Uprising as the printer who printed the first edition has been put under pressure. After they accepted to print the second edition, they rejected the job several weeks later due to this external pressure. Nevertheless we have finally found another printer and they are promising to deliver them in a few weeks time, approximately by the end of March.

The old enemy methods. If the traditional enemies can do so, they pressure my publishers: Macmillan Ltd were forced to destroy their entire stock of my books in secret in July 1992.

If these enemies can't do that -- because my newer publishers are built of a sterner oak -- they intimidate the printers: after our Swedish printers in this way lost every printer for my Goebbels biography, they signed a contract with a big printer, Nørhaven A/S, at Viborg, Denmark; in Januaary 1997 Nørhaven A/S then also cancelled the contract, explaining they had come under pressure.

In England too we lost the printers of new editions of both Hitler's War and Goebbels, after both firms -- some of the most prestigious book printers in the UK -- came under blackmail pressure.

Neither firm's management would admit it to my face, and there was no prima facie reason for losing a lucrative contract; but from other sources we learned that there was no question about it.

Again, Biddle & Co in Guildford tendered a satisfactory estimate for reprinting our "Nuremberg, the Last Battle"; we arrived there by appointment bringing the production film and brasses etc, but after half an hour the production manager was called out, and returned after a brief absence to say that their managing director had ruled, without offering explanation, that they were not to print any books produced by our firm, Focal Point Publications.

It all reminds me of my attempts to bring a libel action against the Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, who pronounced in a Melbourne radio broadcast that I had "criminal convictions in countries around the world." I don't have even one.

I had to abandon the attempt after every Australian firm of solicitors who initially accepted my instructions withdrew under pressure -- one of them confidentially apologizing that valuable Jewish members of their staff had threatened to resign.

Which in turn reminds me of the well known law firm of Goldsmiths, in London, whose highly capable partners accepted my instructions to act on my behalf in the costs-appeal against Mr Justice Gray's Judgment in the Lipstadt Trial -- and then pulled out on the morning of the appeal, because their senior partner, Mr G. himself, had . . . etc.


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