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posted Saturday, October 2, 2004

Letters to David Irving on this Website


Dredged up from the Cesspit... 


Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives, and invite open debate.

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Richard Santana and Tainui Stephens consider that David Irving should not be allowed to visit New Zealand



Views on the NZ controversy


I was very pleased to see you denied entry to our country. Your well practiced air of outrage was laughable. I enjoyed watching you slither through your routine. Your unimportance is so evident and your presence a slur on all Englishmen.

What a sorry chap you are. Very funny stuff. I look forward to further ignominy from your oily quarter.

Tainui Stephens
Wiha and Tainui Pito One Productions
New Zealand

And tongue in cheek Richard Santana urges the prime minister the Hon Helen Clark, Saturday, October 2, 2004 -

Please let David Irving visit New Zealand


Prime Minister

I REFER to the recent controversy surrounding the refusal of the Government to allow David Irving to visit NZ. I am writing to urge a review of that decision.

Mr Irving is without doubt either a falsifier of history, or a raving anti-Semite. However, the Penguin books trial [DJC Irving vs. Penguin Books Ltd & D Lipstadt] effectively unmasked him, and he is now totally discredited.

He makes his living speaking to small audiences in halls and basement recreation rooms across America and around England, literally selling his books from his car boot. If you need confirmation of his character you need merely to view his website, where you can see him pouring venom on all things and persons Jewish. The links are invariably inaccurate descriptions of the stories that they link to, further evidencing his "creativity" with the truth.

Having said all that the man is a threat only to people with a mental age expressed in single digits. Letting him address such people is hardly a threat to national security (even if 100 or so of them hop the ditch from Australia).

It would also be a nice humanitarian gesture, allowing his family in Australia to visit him without incurring the considerable expense of a trip to the UK.


Richard Santana
Christchurch, NZ



Dossier: The Jewish Campaign to keep David Irving out of New Zealand


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