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This letter was received in Mr Irving's Vienna prison cell on July 27 and he replied July 28, 2006

01842 764754

39, Coltsfoot Way,
Thetford, Norfolk
IP24 2WX

Sunday 16th July 2006; received July 27.


David Irving
Vienna Prison,


Dear David

I wonder if this letter finds you. I'm hoping a kind official will see your name, recognize it and pass it to your present captors.

Who am I? Where am I from? I'm a fellow Old Brentwood. I was there from 1946 to 1953. A funny time and now at 69 I think about those years so often, usually with annoyance. So why do these trains of thoughts keep coming into my head?

It must be our generation, and when we were born and brought up that makes German, Germany, and 1933-45 so interesting. You've made it a life long study and like to be seen as an authority on the subject, but don't get lost in drawing adverse publicity.

When you are free again, what will be your movements? I have a small spare room you could use for a shakedown. I'm guessing however that you'll head for the U.S.A. However, you're welcome to stay over for a few nights here if you want.

I'm in touch with another old Brentwood, Brian Everitt, but I am persona non grata with his wife [...] so we have to communicate in secret, Brian & I.

I now await your reply, if my letters reaches you and you want to contact.


Keith W Banyard.

This letter was postmarked 18.9.2006 and received in Mr Irving's Vienna prison cell, and he replied on October 7, 2006.

Monday 20th November 2006

Dear David Irving

At last I reply to your letter. I put the vaguest of addresses to my letter to you [in prison] hoping it would find you and it did. Rejoice! Right now I'm on the other side of the road [world?] in Ceku, Philippines.

This is the ninth long stay in the Phils, four times in Manila and five times in Ceku. There are 7,107 islands comprising the Philippines, only one-third are inhabited. Luzon is where Manila is situated and Ceku is a highly populated island in the South.

I'm here with my third wife (I'm never going to marry again) and my beautiful daughter who will be two on Wednesday.

She was conceived in the very same house I'm renting right now, but was born in England.

I'm now retired (aged 69) but I'm trying to write a book on the mathematics of the circle. I've other books floating around in my head, but unlike yours, they've never come to fruition.

For some time now my mind and thoughts dwell at my time at Brentwood School (1946-1953). It wasn't a happy seven years for me, but it did teach me things I've never forgotten and gave me a good grounding in certain subjects, specially maths. Even after more than half a century I retain the basic French that "Cockles" Cockell and others taught me.

So now to your present predicament. What a funny law has imprisoned you! Next we shall be locked up for thinking the wrong thoughts (1984). Surely you'll soon be released. You'd be welcome at any time at my home. I have a small guest bedroom you can have in my three bedroomed semi on a modern estate in Thetford.

My last but one home was a detached house set in two acres, which my late first wife and I ran as a smallholding. I sold it for pennies, because I fell for a captivating 19 year old Filipina and needed to finance trips to see her and eventually bring her to the UK, where she eventually became my ex-wife, but that's another story.

I think I 'm over the appeal of dusky young maidens now. I've certainly spent an always lot of money pursuing them. One problem is than I find English women revolting, especially the ones available to me, whereas I can have an endless supply of young, very young, teenage girls at my beck and call. I look forward to meeting you face to face again, when we can have some natters and yes, you can see my Blue Book of 1952.

All the best

Keith W Banyard.


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