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This letter was postmarked 18.9.2006 and received in Mr Irving's Vienna prison cell, and he replied on October 7, 2006.

Brian Everitt, 2 Thornton End, Alton Hants, Tel 01420 87856

Hi David!

I received your letter via Keith and am glad to hear you are not too down hearted.

You mention the mock elections which I remember well. The Times (I think) stated you were shouting through a megaphone. I wrote to tell them that it was I, the liberal candidate who did this but had no response. Someone has been feeding the Times with half baked memories (A.C. Lawson?). It also spoke of you lying on top of lockers during Jacottet's [French teacher, above] lesson which I do not remember. Also something hanging down above Charlie's [Headmaster, Charles Allison] head, which I do not remember although of course this was true of Jacottet. (I was in severe pain trying not to guffaw). It comes as a shock to realize we are now older that "Jacko" was when he was teaching us. Anyway, I would dearly like to see the photos - I remember you are a brilliant photographer - you took my election manifesto photo for me. (I think [D Handley] Hutt is a canon at Westminster Abbey)

I can't think why you want to go to NZ - it is usually closed. And I strong advise you to keep out of the Law Courts - some people never learn! You cannot beat the Establishment by itself, let alone if it is supported by our chosen friends [the Jews]. If you were to lose you would lose: if you were to win it would merely mean you are no longer a threat... What a come down that would be!

I don't remember Amory [Colin Amery] being in Upper VI Arts - I though he was lost in the O-level cull. He was on the Shortie's [B T Shortland, PT instructor, housemaster] Denmark trip. Someone said "Let's debag Everitt" but Amory said "Let's not - it would make me sick". Charming fellow!

You told me the story of meeting a chosen one [Mr. M A Franks, at Miami airport] when I came to see you. (I still owe you a meal) I can only say I do not remember you as a bullying type (except for bullying teachers) and racial abuse was not part of Brentwood. There was low level verbal abuse but this only referred to the alleged meanness and was not directed at individuals.

There were two chosen ones at least - Ashley, a decent lad a year ahead of you and Josephs, a caricature - fat, rich and boastful of alleged sexual conquests, who had his nails manicured. We did not speak to other years admittedly - except when in charge e.g. corps, dinner etc. There was also a black boy - he was good at sport and became Head of Mill Hill. Whether he ever caned anybody, which even my liberal squashiness would baulk at, I do not know. No one that I know of deplored his colour - the only interest was in whether his willy was black as well.

For the record, chapel was every other day: M: Upper School, T: Lower, W: Assembly by Master of the Week at which detentions were announced, Th: US, F : LS.

I regret you delude yourself re the "real freedom of the USA". One word against the Chief and you are branded "unpatriotic" and for religious and lobby reasons the chosen ones are very much supported. There are, of course, many far right clubs but they might be an insult to your intelligence...

I regret the consensus is that you are a h-denier and eccentric. Those of us who have tried to be fair find it difficult to reach a conclusion. I do not know whether you have ever said the h did not exist but I know you told me you accepted 4 millions dead rather than 6 - which seems plausible. I know you denied the existence of extermination chambers at a certain camp but have recanted on this after fresh evidence from Russia. But although there was a flurry at the time of your arrest, it is, I am afraid, water under the bridge. The only aspect causing concern is the attack on free speech. We liberals feel strongly that a historian should be able to make his view known however unacceptable they may be.

Keep cheerful and I hope to meet you sometime again - perhaps at Keith's.





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