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Message dated July 05, 2005 from Colin Amery, now a lawyer in Auckland, New Zealand. He had to remind Mr Irving who instructed him in his action against the New Zealand Government in 2005, that he had sat next to him in class at Brentwood School.

David Handley Hutt and Nicholas Irving 


David Irving, Labour posterSOBER comment is my forte, David but I just want to comment nostalgically on the list of negative - if somewhat briefly. 1955 mock elections I remember well - you [standing for Labour Party, left] and [David Handley] Hutt [above centre, with Nicholas Irving] and the National Party - my brother Nigel also stood. "Damme Nick" [Nichols, a bibulous teacher] still used the bee-sting (earflick) as a form of punishment for my grandchildren. I guess he's dead from Liver failure.

There was Chignall also (Cheesenose) who taught us geography (unsuccessfully) in Upper Two. [Brian] Everitt I recall supplied his car for an outing with two young ladies - one was Christine Cousins - a shapely young blond and daughter of Ernie Cousins - a Communist who read the Daily Worker. Lived at Bracken Bank - is that the same family? It gets even more interesting because when I finished with Christine she went off with Seagrave of Upper Six Arts. He in turn studied Russian with me at JSSL Crail, and was posted to Berlin, working under the Olympic Stadium where I visited him. I have a photo of him also.

Hale now lives and works in Dunedin where he was classics professor just a few years ago. Also Head of School, maybe after you left. I remember and John Bowden at Brentwood schoolliked Johnnie Bowden [right] but [A C] Lawson was not my type either - ended up as a pharmacist in Shenfield.

Lemoine taught me French but I had no idea of the Russian connection - he had a rather ugly nose. Basil Sheppard taught me Russian but had heart problems. Shields and "Tusky" Lewis taught divinity. Willis I remember well at Roden House in that small back classroom - Tony Richards from Lower Six Arts imitated him perfectly, especially the way he grimaced with a full display of lower mandibles. Amazing how names produce the face at that distance, David; one more, Innes - very girlish appearance - black curly hair and a kind of ingenuous grin. Pendegrass corpulent and first in Classical Five - I was second.

If I see the photos more will be triggered no doubt. I have a good MP and journalist in the Parliamentary lobby lined up for yr next step. ...


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