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Haim Arlosoroff

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Magda Goebbels' lover became a leading Zionist, was assassinated in Palestine


In my Discovery for The Guardian action was a summary of a book by Ted Schwarz: Walking with the Damned, pages 89, 90-2, revealing that Magda Goebbels had had an affair with Victor [Chaim] Arlosoroff before marrying Goebbels (1997).


In British Public Record Office file KV.3/41 on Zionist terrorist activities in Palestine, France, and the UK, is a CX minute [the author's name is blanked out] to Dick White dated Mar 31, 1947 making reference to the Jewish Agency's public denunciation of terrorism: "Symptomatic of its attitude was the recent naming of an illegal immigrant ship after Haim Arlosoroff, a prominent left-wing member of the Jewish Agency who was murdered by the [revisionist Zionist] terrorists in 1940."



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