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Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich


More on Magda's tumultuous affair with Viktor [Haim] Arlosoroff

Website reader Stefan de Batselier watched the film on Magda Goebbels and reported on Wednesday, May 2, 2001:


According to Yitzak ben Aharon, a friend of Arlosoroff , in 1933 Arlosoroff was 34 and 'gleichsam Aussenminister' of the "entstehenden " Jewish state. In that function he went, shortly before his assassination, to Berlin "um die Freigabe jüdisches Vermogens zu erreichen" And he had, as he wrote to his sister, an unexpected déja vu. According to Therese Flesch, a "vertraute" of Lisa Arlosoroff ,he had a shock. Going past a shop he saw a picture of Magda and Joseph Goebbels and recognized "seine Magda". He phoned Magda because he thought he could get to meet Joseph Goebbels that way but she told him that he's in danger, that she's in danger, that she doesn't want to speak or see him anymore. Go away!

After he goes back to Israel, the "Attentat' follows. Was his trying to reach(Magda or Joseph) Goebbels the reason for it? There's no proof. Just a motive.

Magda wants nothing to do anymore with the "Anneigungen ihrer Jugendzeit".

His and her family were both refugees. Magda (according to Therese Flesch) got friendly with the Arlosoroffs and was very "at home" with them. She went there nearly every day and became very friendly with Arlosoroff. He is a convinced Zionist and she is also "begeistert" Lisa was then always convinced that Magda was a Zionist. She even wore a necklace with a Star of David and they both talked about going to Palestine.

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