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Documents on Dr Robert M W Kempner and his files

Walt Martin writes to David Irving, November 2, 2003:

THANK you for sending your uncorrected notes again. The US Attorney copied them and gave them back out of order. I was reading about some of your court cases on the Internet and a story about how Kempner wanted you watched by the FBI while at the archives.

It is absolutely ridiculous the way this government waste money. I would imagine the cost of my litigation is well over one hundred thousand, when they had no right even coming to my home in the first place.

The Holocaust Museum never had a will; they lied to the FBI. They obtained a deed of gift 18 months after we had cleaned out Kempner's home, which does not cover the items we had. The FBI never investigated anything, they just came in like storm troopers accusing us of theft on Dr Meyer's word alone.

Again, thank you for looking over that list. I am going to probably take the whole collection apart and sell it by the page at an auction. I have no desire to see the Holocaust Museum get any part of it now. We were more than fair with them and the US Archives and they wouldn't cooperate in any way.


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