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From: Martin Lally

Sent: Sunday, September 14, 2003 7:27 PM

Subject: Hayward/Fudge

WE attach a comment from Dr Thomas Fudge, in response to the Canterbury Council's decision to reject his complaint over two matters: the "book-burning" incident and the subsequent directive from Professor Sharp to Dr Fudge instructing him not to raise the issue in his classes.

This letter of comment is released with the permission of Dr Fudge, and we hope that it will assist people to form their own view about these events.

The Council's decision is also attached, for your comparison. Should the Council release any further statement on this matter, we would also circulate that.

Committee for Action over the Hayward/Fudge Events at the University of Canterbury

Glenn Boyle, Professor of Finance, University of Otago
Martin Lally, Associate Professor of Finance, Victoria University
Matthew Ryan, Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Auckland



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Canterbury University (NZ) Council passes two resolutions in Sept 2003 rejecting complaints by Dr Thomas Fudge of book burning and loss of academic freedom in Hayward Case | Dr Fudge's letter of response to these resolutions | letter from Martin Lally's committee circulating these items
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