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Documents on the 1943 Franke-Griksch report

We invite comments and discussion on this document see David Irving about the origins of and possible problems with the Franke-Griksch document

A page from the SS personnel file of Alfred Franke [aka Franke-Griksch]

 Franke-Griksch Personalakte


See too Brian Renk of British Columbia relates his investigation into the origins of the controversial Franke-Griksch report: "... I also wrote to Ekkehard Franke-Griksch (the son). He sent a bundle of documents about his father and wrote that Alfred Franke-Gricksch had committed treason by conspiring with the Strassers, was sentenced to death, and went into exile, but that his friend Himmler had given him a new identity (Franke) and eventually made him an SS officer, training Death's Head Division recruits in Dachau 1935-39, than later promoting him to the SS Personell Main Office in January 1943."


Our dossier on the 1943 Franke-Griksch report
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