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"Essay in Perversity"

The Judgment handed down in the British High Court action by David Irving against Penguin Books Ltd and Deborah Lipstadt

The 134-page special including many unusual illustrations is uploaded as a compressed PDF file (2.3 MB): save it - print it - share it!


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Note: The Legally Binding Version of the Judgment is that issued by the High Court, which was once available on their website at this link. It differs from the version downloaded from this page: it contains the original errors, and no illustrations or annotations.
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Department of How-Do-They-Figure-That-Out?

Three British Lord Justices of Appeal get their wigs in a twist over the smear-phrase Holocaust Denier:

 We are not persuaded that the expression can be given any precise technical meaning or that 'Holocaust denier' defines a class of persons precisely. Having regard to the views expressed by [David Irving] about a range of events in the history of the Third Reich, we agree with the Judge that the applicant may be described as a Holocaust denier.

-- Lord Justices Pill, Mantell, and Buxton in July 2001, explaining their reason for refusing the Irving Appeal. [Full judgment]



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