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Speech on November 12, 1987 in Johannesburg, South Africa: the Katz version

November 12, 1987

WRITING EARLY in 1996 to Kenneth McVay, the thoroughly incorruptible Webmaster of the ADL-funded Nizkor Website, South African citizen David Katz volunteered his recollections of a public lecture delivered by David Irving in an open hall at Johannesburg in about 1987 (the date was in fact November 12, 1987).

McVay reported with a whoop to Deborah Lipstadt on March 6, 1996 that he had received this from "a 'David Katz'", and asked her for any help she could give in providing independent verification of the essentials.

But -- yippee, who cares! -- without bothering to check further either with Mr Irving or anybody else whether Katz's ten-year-old recollections might be at fault, McVay recklessly posted the Katz version on his Website a few hours later.

Visitors to our own Website can read for the first time Mr Irving's own private diary entry for that day and more recently his correspondence with Mr Katz.

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The David Katz Version:



I AM not certain of the exact date that David Irving addressed a well-attended crowd of people at the Aukland Park Moth Hall. The purpose of his lecture was to launch his new book on Churchill titled Churchill's War. I would say the year was 1987 which is the launch date of his book. Prior to attending his lecture I had read all of his Hitler's War books. I must admit that I had found his perspective to be quite interesting if not illuminating in certain respects. His now famous comment that no documentary evidence existed indicating that Hitler had ordered the systematic liquidation of the Jews, did not overly perturb me and it certainly did not prepare me for what was to come!

The lecture was hosted by a certain Clive Derby-Lewis. Mr Derby-Lewis was a member of parliament for the right wing Conservative party. Subsequently Mr Derby-Lewis was sentenced to death by the South African Courts in 1993 for his part in the assassination of Chris Hani who was the chairman of the South African Communist party and chief of staff of the military wing of the African National Congress. Mr Hani was shot down in cold blood by a fanatical Polish hitman who was sponsored by Derby-Lewis.[*]

[* Not having benefited from the recent amnesties, Derby-Lewis is still under sentence of death in Pretoria prison; informed opinion is that the sentence is unlikely to be executed.]

Picture: a section of the Johannesburg audience

The first thing that struck me as being odd was the huge picture of David Irving placed behind the speaker's podium. The picture looked very Mussolini like with jutting jaw and folded arms.[*] The speaker congratulated Mr Derby-Lewis on his recent election showing and commented on how important the Conservative party was to holding off the threat of niggerisation of the white culture. He complained bitterly of the "Nigger" problem in the UK [**] and that we must not allow the same invasion of our white heritage. The speaker proceeded to discuss his latest book on Churchill interspersed with a credible impersonation of Mr Churchill.

At question time he was asked about what he thought of the Holocaust. He responded as follows:

He preferred not to answer any questions on this matter as it was a minefield full of traps. However he was highly sceptical about gassing at Auschwitz. Auschwitz was a synthetic rubber factory. He did not want his audience to worry about the holocaust as there were no Jews in the audience. It was not their problem.

The holocaust did not interest him in the slightest. The German Jewish problem was an internal squabble that had nothing to do with the British. The British should have told the Poles and the Jews to sort out their own problems.

There was no documentary evidence of the holocaust, and that if it did take place it did so without Hitlers knowledge. In fact it is ironic that Hitler was in fact protective over the Jews. In fact Hitler had never personally killed a man.

David Irving then declared that he was not a fascist nor an anti-Semite. However Jews irritated him and they had no sense of humour.

The Jews should have been sent to Madagascar in order to protect the world from the Jews and to protect the Jews. The holocaust was largely a fable, a myth perpetuated by the Jews in order to extort money from the Germans.

[* There was no such picture. Deborah Lipstadt writes in her libellous book Denying the Holocaust of a no less fictional portrait of Adolf Hitler which he says is hanging in Mr Irving's London study.

** On this distasteful claim, see Mr Irving's recent correspondence with Katz.]

The assassination of Heydrich was a cynical exercise.

He found it strange that there are so many survivors of the death camps. Every second Jew is a survivor. He was very happy for the survivors that they did indeed make an escape. Either the Germans systematically eliminated Jews or not. Why where there so many survivors?

Other interesting comments where as follows:

Franklin Roosevelt was too clever for the Jews and was most probably not influenced by them. However the same cannot be said for presidents before or after.

He had only personally encountered the problem of the illuminati in South Africa.

Rudolf Hess deserved the Nobel peace prize for his efforts to bring peace between the UK and Germany.

click to helpWinston Churchill was influenced by Chaim Hertzog.[*] Churchill was funded by Jews to a large extent.

Mr Irving then wound up the evening by announcing that he would be addressing a memorial service for Rudolf Hess at some Johannesburg location.

I hope that the above will be of interest to you. Please inform me if you require any further information.

Yours faithfully
David Katz

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[* Sic. Chaim Weizmann. Mr Irving did not address a "memorial service" for Rudolf Hess; he lectured on the Hess documents in British Public Record Office files, to audiences in Windhoek and Pretoria. Die Welt, Germany's leading national newspaper, commissioned him to write their full-page obituary for the Nazi leader in August 1987.]