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weebook Hitler’s War and the War Path


ISBN: 1872 197 108

Focal Point, London, 2002
Released March 2002. The 1,032 page full length history of Hitler’s WW2 years, based on private papers, diaries, and interviews of his staff. Constantly revised and updated over 30 years. A standard work, with 40 pages of color and b/w photos.


Italian, Greek, Polish, rights sold.

weebook Churchill’s War, vol. ii: Triumph in Adversity



ISBN: 1872 197 159

WSC2 150
Focal Point, London, 2001
Released July 2001. The 1,024 page second volume (1941-1943) of the major biography of Churchill’s WW2 years, based on private and official papers and diaries; a 30 year project. A standard work, with 32 pages of color and b/w photos.


weebook Nuremberg, the Last Battle




ISBN: 1872 197 167

NbgJacket 150
Focal Point, London, 1997; and Arndt; Rachocki
Originally a newspaper series published by Welt am Sonntag, Germany; expanded to a full length book over 20 years, including the private papers and unpublished diaries of the Nazi war criminals and the Allied and Soviet prosecutors and judges. This very popular book has 300 pages, 32 pages of rare color and b/w photos of trial.


Italian and German rights sold.

weebook Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich




ISBN: 1872 197 132

JG 150
Focal Point, London, 1996; and St Martin’s Press, Doubleday Inc. book of the month both cancelled under pressure; Mondadori edition cancelled under pressure; Arndt, Poland, CSR
The author was the first to be allowed to use the Goebbels diaries found in the KGB archives in Moscow. He had already spent 8 years researching the Nazi propaganda minister’s life from other sources. 700 pages, 40 pages of rare color and b/w photos.


German, Norwegian, rights sold. Portuguese rights under offer

Der unbekannte Dr. Goebbels. Edited and annotated transcript in German of Goebbels’ 1938 diary

weebook (Introduction)


ISBN: 1872 197 116

Focal Point, London, 1995 (German only) In 1990 Mondadori commissioned Mr Irving to transcribe and annotate the hitherto missing 1938 volume of Dr Goebbels handwritten diaries, found in the KGB archives in Moscow. He wrote an extensive introduction to the diary.


weebook Apocalypse 1945, The Destruction of Dresden



ISBN: 0958 760 217

DR horses 150
Focal Point, London, 1995; and Poland, CSR, etc
Updated edition of Mr Irving’s first bestselling history of the British/American holocaust air raid on Dresden which mkilled up to 100,000 Germans in one night. 256 pages, and pages of exclusive, horrific color and black and white photos.


Die deutsche Ostgrenze Arndt Verlag, Kiel, 1990 (German only) Writing in German, Mr Irving produced a history of the Allied WW2 conferences which created Germany’s controversial eastern frontier with Poland.


weebook The Night the Dams Burst
Höffkes (German only)
A little monograph, relying largely on the private diary of “bouncing bomb designer” Dr Barnes Wallis: originally a Sunday Express series (free download), Mr Irving developed it into a book in German.


weebook Das Reich hört mit Das Reich hört mit

Arndt Verlag, Kiel, late 1989 (German only)

With the availability of US files on Göring’s Forschungsamt, Mr Irving expanded his 1967 book Breach of Security into a full length German-language history of the Forschungsamt, the equivalent of the US National Security Agency. It remains the only history of this important Nazi wiretap and codebreaking intelligence agency.


Hitler’s War & The War Path, updated and abridged in one volume HW Avon

Focal Point, 1991; published in this new form by Avon, New York, 1990; Planeta, Barcelona, 1992; and (as “Führer und Reichskanzler”) by Langen-Müller Ullstein in Germany, 1990. The Mondadori edition was cancelled under pressure; Rachocki; Settimo Siglia, Milan

In 1991 Mr Irving’s own imprint produced an abridged, updated, and revised edition of his Hitler biography including the pre-war volume in one edition. This is superseded by the 1002 Millennium edition above.
weebook The Secret Diaries of Hitler’s Doctor Dr Theodore Morell (abridged edition)
Grafton Books
First published by Grafton in August 1990, this is a revised,popular abridged pocketbook version of the original hardback edition of the diaries of Dr Morell (below).


weebook Churchill’s War, vol. i: The Struggle for Power


ISBN: 0947 117 563

WSC1 150
Michael Joseph, London 1987; Veritas; Arrow Books/Hutchinson; Avon
The Australian publisher Veritas produced this edition of the first volume of the Churchill biography, 1933-1941, and it was reprinted by Arrow Books (Random House) and by Avon Books (USA). It is now out of print, and a new revised edition is in preparation in the same style as the impressive volume ii.


weebook Hess: The Missing Years
Hess 150
Macmillan, London, 1987; Grafton Collins; Stocker Verlag, Graz; Albin Michel, Paris
Never published in the USA, due to a clumsy mailing mishap by Macmillan, this book appeared in the UK on the death of Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess, after 47 years in Spandau prison. The book was the first to use the secret British archives, and the entire medical diaries of his captors. An updated edition is in preparation.


weebook Göring. A Biography
Macmillan, London autumn 1986 and Grafton, Knaus, Mondadori; William Morrow; Acropole
Based in part on the private diaries of Hermann Göring, and on his private correspondence with his first and second wives, this is the first full length biography of Hitler’s No.2. Edited by leading US editor Thomas B Congdon. It rated first class reviews around the world.


Norwegian rights sold.

Der Morgenthau Plan 1944-45

weebook Introduction in English

Morgenthan Plan

Faksimile Verlag, Bremen, 1986 (German only)

In German only, a facsimile compilation of documents surrounding this controversial and vindictive 1944 plan by President Roosevelt’s Treasury Secretary.


The Secret Diaries of Professor Morell Morell dt 150

Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1983 and: Goldmann Verlag; Bertelsmann; Macmillan Inc.; Saned, Madrid; Acropole; Liber Grafiska superseded by The Secret Diaries of Hitler’s Doctor

In 1982 Mr Irving discovered in the US National Archives the hitherto unknown handwritten diaries of Hitler’s private physician Dr Theo Morell, and his treatment files on the dictator (“Patient A”). He transcribed, translated and annotated them.


weebook Von Guernica bis Vietnam GtV advert 150

Wilhelm Heyne, Munich, 1982

Writing in German, Mr Irving produced this short monograph on the development of aerial warfare against civilians.


weebook The War Between The Generals
Allen Lane/Penguin, London, 1981 and Congdon & Lattès; Belfond; Knaus; Heyne; Papermac; Mondadori
A highly successful and often hilarious account of the rivalry between the British and American top generals during the 1944-1945 battles in France and Germany. Edited by leading US editor Thomas B Congdon, it is based on the generals’ unknown private letters and diaries.


weebook Uprising! One Nation’s Struggle: Hungary 1956
Hodder & Stoughton, London 1981 and Knaus; Mondadori; Heyne, Acropole; Mondadori, Veritas
Using files in Budapest and Moscow, as well as the British and American official archives, Mr Irving produced the first full length narrative of the tragic failed 1956 uprising against the Soviet occupation of Hungary. It was serialised for several weeks in Der Spiegel.


Wie Krank War Hitler Wirklich? Wie krank war Hitler wirklich?

Wilhelm Heyne, Munich, 1980

Before Morell’s diaries became available (see above) Mr Irving wrote a series of articles for Der Stern magazine in Germany, using the papers and interrogations of all the doctors who had treated Hitler. The articles appeared as this very popular and readable paperback book in Germany.
Nürnberg: Die Letzte Schlacht Wilhelm Heyne, Munich,Verlag, 1979 Mr Irving wrote a series of articles for Welt am Sonntag magazine in Germany, using the private papers and unpublished diaries of the Nazi war criminals and the Allied and Soviet prosecutors and judges.
Verrat und Widerstand im Dritten Reich Kritik Verlag, Coburg 1978 Printed transcript of a lecture delivered by Mr Irving in German, on the traitors inside Germany during WW2
The War Path The War Path

Michael Joseph, London 1978 and Viking; Langen-Müller; Papermac; Heyne superseded by Hitler’s War & The War Path, see below

After publication of his wartime Hitler biography, Hitler’s War, Mr Irving published the prewar chapters in a separate book. Abridged and updated, they are included in the latest Millennium edition.
weebook The Trail of the Fox: Field Marshal Erwin Rommel



Rommel 2005 155
Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London 1977 and Hoffmann & Campe; E.P. Dutton Inc. and Avon Books, New York; Heyne; Mondadori; Hayakawa Tokyo; Kirjayhtymä Helsinki; Wordsworth Books
One of Mr Irving’s most commercially successful books, this full length and ground-breaking biography of Rommel attracted brilliant reviews worldwide. Edited by leading US editor Thomas B Congdon. It is based on his diaries, which Mr Irving found scattered around the world, and his private letters, as well as the wartime archive. It was serialised for several weeks in Der Spiegel (picture)


Hitler’s War HW150

Hodder & Stoughton, London 1975 and Hayakawa, Tokyo; Viking; Ullstein; Langen-Müller; Planeta; Papermac; Heyne superseded by new edition, see below

This first edition of Mr Irving’s wartime Hitler biography, it is superseded by the 2002 Millennium edition.
weebook The Rise and Fall of the Luftwaffe
Milch jacket 150
Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London 1973; and Ullstein; Little, Brown
Researching for the Hitler biography, Mr Irving learned that Field Marshal Erhard Milch was keeping back his private diaries for his own biography; Mr Irving volunteerd to write that work in order to obtain access to this source. The book was a major serial in Bild am Sonntag, and a great success in Germany and the USA.


The Memoirs of General Gehlen transl.
Gehlen 150
William Collins, London 1972; World Publishing Co , New York
After the original German version of these memoirs proved too thin for the US publishers, they commissioned Mr Irving to translate and flesh them out.
Breach of Security  

William Kimber, London 1968

Mr Irving translates and comments on an important August 1939 product of hermann Göring’s wiretap agency, outlines the agency’s work and olther achievements. See Das Reich hört mit above, which supersedes this book (though in German only).


weebook The Destruction of Convoy PQ.17
Cassell & Co. London, 1967; and Simon & Schuster; Mondadori; Knaus; Heyne; Soviet Ministry of Defence Moscow; Granada; updated edition, 1986 Wm. Kimber; Forum Copenhagen; Liber Forlag; Richardson & Steirman, New York; St. Martin’s Press, New York
Neue Illustrierte commissioned a naval work from Mr Irving as a serial, after the bombing war series boosted its circulation by millions. He selected this tragic convoy operation, and traced and interviewed hundreds of the seamen, aviators and submarine officers. The book appeared some years after the magazine serial, and led to one of the most famous libel actions in British history. (The current edition has of course been sanitised in agreement with the opposing lawyers.)


weebook Accident – The Death of General Sikorski
William Kimber, London 1967 and Laffont; Scherz; Heyne; Veritas; Rütten & Loening, Bern; Rachocki
Rolf Hochhuth, who wrote a play about Churchill and Sikorski, Soldaten, prompted Mr Irving to research the mysterious 1943 death of the Polish prime minister. The British government expressed deep concern about Mr Irving’s work. An updated version of the book will be published soon.


weebook The Virus HouseThe History of the Wartime German Atomic Research programme

download in preparation

William Kimber, London 1967; published as The German Atomic Bomb by Simon and Schuster, New York, and Da Capo Press; Sigbert Mohn; rororo; Atomizdat Moscow
Mr Irving published the first full length account of Hitler’s atomic bomb programme; he spoke with Heisenberg, Weizsäcker and the other atomic scientists engaged on the project, and was first to research the German atomic files captured by the ALSOS mission. It was serialised for several weeks in Der Spiegel. [The American edition — Simon & Schuster — was called The German Atomic Bomb]


The Memoirs of Field-Marshal Keitel transl. Keitel

William Kimber, London 1965


(New US edition published 2001 by Cooper Square Press).

Originally published in German in an abridged version by Walter Görlitz, the deathcell memoirs by Keitel were translated by Mr Irving, who went to the trouble to put back in all the passages excised for political reasons by the Germans.
weebook The Mare’s Nest: The German V-weapons and British Intelligence attack on them
Mares Nest 150
William Kimber, London 1964 and Sigbert Mohn; rororo; Little Brown; Panther; Granada
Built around a ceentral set-piece narrative of the heroic British air attack on Hitler’s Peenemünde rocket research station in August 1943, this book describes the development of the Nazi V1 and V2 missile projects and the British countermeasures. It was serialised for several weeks in Der Spiegel.


The Destruction of Dresden
William Kimber, London 1963 and Holt-Rinehart; Mondadori; Laffont; Ullstein; rororo; Heyne; Freizeit-Bibliothek, Gütersloh; Nova Fronteira S.A., Lisbon; Ballantine Books, Inc., New York; Futura, London edition now superseded by Apocalypse 1945: the Destruction of Dresden, see below
Now superseded by the 1996 book Apocalypse 1945: the Destruction of Dresden (see above), David Irving’s book was the first to reveal to the non-German readers of the world the horrifying story of the British and American air attack on Dresden in February 1945. It was serialised for three weeks by The Sunday Telegraph.
Und Deutschlands Städte Starben Nicht Schweizer Druck und Verlagshaus GmbH, Zurich, 1963 and Editions France-Empire In 1961 the German wseekly managzine Neue Illustrierte ran a series of articles written by David Irving (and ghosted by journalist Günter Karweina) narrating what was still a taboo subject for German writers, the British saturation bombing of german cities. The series ran for 37 weeks, and was reprinted in this superbly illustrated Swiss book edition in 1963.
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