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That Mossad Agent in Switzerland: The End of the Affair


CNN July 7, 2000

Swiss court gives Mossad spy a suspended sentence

Excerpt: LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) — A Swiss court found an Israeli Mossad agent guilty of spying Friday and gave him a one-year suspended sentence.



NYPOST.COMJuly 8, 2000



Excerpt: A Swiss court yesterday convicted an Israeli spy but suspended his one-year sentence and allowed him to go home. The ruling appeared to end the scandal over a bungled Mossad wiretapping operation that strained Israeli-Swiss relations.



The Jerusalem Post July 6, 2000

PM rejects claim by Mossad agents that gov’t abandoned them By Jerusalem Post Staff and News Agencies

Excerpt: JERUSALEM (July 6) – The Prime Minister’s Office yesterday said it gave “full support” to the Mossad and its director, rejecting criticism by Mossad agents that the government had turned its back on the service by sending an agent to stand trial in Switzerland for a bungled wire-tap attempt on a Hizbullah member.square

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