Posted Tuesday, September 21, 1999

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US Army acts to Prevent its Soldiers from Accessing this Website

Bosnia--A soldier serving with US forces in Bosnia, whose identity we are withholding, has informed us that as of Sept. 10, 1999 his attempts to access this website have been interrupted by newly installed US Army censorship software, which has been programmed to deny soldiers the ability to access materials and intelligence of which the Pentagon disapproves.

The blocked websites include Focal Point Publications at and the revisionist websites and Soldiers attempting to access these and other sites see a flash screen reading:

This site has been deemed non-mission related

Sources in Bosnia point out that no-one has blocked, or thousands of other sites: "-- Or the ADL, or wiesenthal; I checked," one corporal adds. "I immediately sent an email to CacheMaster@hq. and am waiting for a reply. In Bosnia, our internet traffic goes to military servers in Germany, managed by the 5th Signal Command."

After we advised this US soldier of our mirrorsite in California, he wrote us again on Saturday, Sept. 11, 1999: "I was able to reach, but all the files there are on your UK site. I am unable to reach any of those files, and I'm sure that soon the Army will block" He adds, "I return to the US in mid October; I only wish I could attend the conference in Cincinnati!"

Note: THIS Website has frequently posted informed reports critical of US military policies in the Balkans. The US military contact email address on the blocked message is: [email protected].

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If an Internet site is blocked by censorware, this page can help you view it.

Don't forget to form the URL correctly with leading http://, and trailing /. ie,, not or


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