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Posted Sunday, May 9, 1999

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Electronic Telegraph
London, May 7, 1999

Sikorski statue for London

GEN. WLADYSLAW SIKORSKI, Poland's wartime leader described by Churchill as his "comrade in life and death", is to be commemorated by a statue in London.

It is hoped that it will go in Portland Place facing the Polish embassy following the launch of a fund-raising appeal at the Polish embassy last night. A dinner and auction was expected to raise £20,000. The statue of the general, dressed in his uniform, is by Faith Winter and will cost £140,000.

The Polish commander-in-chief and prime minister, who was appointed in Paris after the defeat of Poland, organised the evacuation to Britain of the remains of the Polish government and armed forceswhen France also fell.

  DAVID Irving published a book called Accident (William Kimber Ltd., London 1967), which revealed the background of Sikorski's mysterious but convenient death in a British plane crash on July 4, 1943. For more startling revelations about this, see his Churchill´┐Żs War, vol. ii published summer 1999.

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