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Posted Saturday, October 3, 1998

Australian Internet under Attack from the Traditional Enemies of Free Speech

LONDON -- David Irving, Webmaster of the Focal Point Publications website, states today that an Australian correspondent has informed him that his Internet server,, is blocking access to the entire site. Australians using this server are confronted with the word FORBIDDEN when attempting to access information from this Website.

"It appears," comments this Australian, "that the thought police are on the march."

Free speechDavid Irving has advised him to change to a different server. He has written to One Net:

Can you confirm that [you have installed] a commercial filtering software on your server, and identify the filter to us? E.g., Is it Cyberpatrol, Surfwatch, etc.? As a Website we are committed to freedom of speech, and we trust that you are too. If the FORBIDDEN message was generated erroneously, or as a technical fault, please inform us at once.

Mr Irving has made plain that he intends to use this Website as a channel of information to the Australian people about the reasons why he is banned from visiting the country for a third time (unlike Louis Farrakhan and other recent visitors). He reveals that the Australian Jewish community, fearful of free debate with an international historian, has applied pressure to the government, as its own documents reveal.

He has begun posting documents on this Website about this struggle, and about the millionaire Leibler brothers who are financing the attempt to suppress his voice. Isi Leibler has himself admitted that by their own efforts to silence Mr Irving they have increased anti-semitic feeling in the continent.

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This Website has advised this Australian correspondent:

Web policeWE HAVE detected for some weeks that Australian servers are beginning to operate censorship on the net. We get more complaints from your continent than from anywhere else in the world about access problems.

May we suggest that if the server admits that it is operating censorship, you move your business to a different server which does not block access, e.g. America Online, and pass the message on.

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