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Free Speech: the crunch
How do we all best help Germar Rudolf?

October 23, 2005


I HAVE gotten several inquiries from people who wonder what they can do to help Germar Rudolf.

With a few exceptions, all they can do is donate money for Germar's legal expenses, and related, if needed.

I have not spoken to him specifically on this but I have the impression that his financial resources will cover him through the November court hearings in Atlanta.

If he loses in November [2005], then the whole matter is settled. He will no doubt be deported [to Germany] immediately. Financial contributions would be pointless.

A victory in November would mean only the postponement of the decisive date. In an e-mail message yesterday I explained why this case could end up in the U.S. Supreme Court. In that event the legal expenses could be correspondingly supreme. Even an appeals process below the Supreme Court level would be very costly. I don't expect any help from the main "civil rights" organizations.

Of course the government is very well fixed, financially, for such a fight but I also explained yesterday why it might shy away from a lengthy appeals process.

My conclusion is that the typical supporter of revisionism can do nothing now but should be ready to open his/her wallet later this year, if asked.

In June Germar made a fund-raising effort that was pleasingly successful. That success came despite the fact that he was not really well situated to raise money in the USA. If he wins in November, and the outlook indicates a need for a good deal more money, then I hope he organizes an effective fund-raising effort aimed at the USA.

I hope you will be there for him. Here I am not, of course, speaking to the people who donated last summer, nor to those on the frontlines who have already greatly suffered financially.

Permission to forward this message in its integrity, and post it on the web, is granted..

A.R. Butz

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