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Posted Saturday, July 31, 2004

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Washington, USA, Saturday, July 31, 2004

New Zealand bars door to Holocaust denier

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Jul. 30 (UPI) -- New Zealand's Immigration Service has said that a Holocaust-denying historian will be denied entry. Officials said that David Irving can apply for a "special direction" that would allow him to travel to New Zealand, the Dominion Post reports. Helen ClarkSeveral politicians, including Prime Minister Helen Clark, (right), have said that Irving's views should not bar him from the country.

Irving has received an invitation to address the National Press Club in September. He argues that New Zealand has no legal grounds to keep him out. The Immigration Service's decision was based on Irving's deportation from Australia, Canada and Germany. Allowing Irving to enter the country could put more strain on New Zealand's relationship with Israel. Two alleged Mossad agents were recently convicted of attempting to obtain a fraudulent New Zealand passport.



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