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Posted Monday, October 18, 2004

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London, Monday, October 18, 2004

[ 2:09 pm]

Dear Sir,

NZIS Instruction to Qantas airline not to allow me to board flight to Auckland.

As you may be aware, on September 16 I was denied boarding on a flight from Los Angeles to Auckland, for the purposes of accepting an invitation to lecture to the National Press Club and researching in the national archives. This outrageous ban has attracted criticism from every major newspaper in NZ.

I was given no official advance notice of a ban. The Qantas check-in official was verbally instructed by the NZIS [NZ Immigration Service] -- whom she was instructed to phone -- to inform me that I must apply to your embassy (in Washington) for a "Special Permit."

I am a UK citizen, permanently resident in the UK, with a valid passport and no criminal record. Having returned to the UK on October 9, I am beginning the process specified, though I confess I do not understand why.

Please inform me, now, what form the application must take and what information you require. I do not accept that Section 7(1)(d)(v) applies.

I have retained legal advisers in Auckland. If my application is denied, I shall seek legal remedies in the NZ courts. Please take notice, and pass it to your superior authorities in New Zealand, that my solicitors will then make application for disclosure (Discovery) of all relevant files, including those of the Hon. Helen Clark; the authorities concerned will know that any attempt to destroy documents in contemplation of proceedings is a criminal contempt.

I reserve my rights, including the right to seek to recover damages from the NZ government for the events of September 16 referred to above.

Yours faithfully,


David Irving


attn.: Bruce Burrows, Market Manager
The NZ High Commission
New Zealand House,
80 Haymarket,
London SW1Y 4TE



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