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April 25, 2000 (Tuesday)

WHILE we have learned that the defence "experts" in the Lipstadt case received (perfectly lawful) inducements of up to £109,000 ($200,000) each, to testify as they did, we wondered how the unfortunate defendant, Professor Lipstadt would be rewarded -- I mean, apart from having her entire British legal costs paid by the Dreamworks team of Stephen Spielberg et al. ("What, us a global network?") It turns out that things were already in the works -- not the dreamworks this time -- even as Mr Justice Gray was still contemplating his verdict. In the respected New York Jewish weekly

-- the issue dated April 21 -- we find a full page advertisement (and these things don't come cheap) on page 4 "to honor Dr. Deborah E. Lipstadt for her victory on behalf of the Jewish people".  

LipstadtThe advertisement reproduces a congratulatory letter to her from the President of Yeshiva University, dated 9 March -- written two days before closing statements were delivered in the London trial -- informing her that at the commencement exercises of the University, 25 May, she will receive an honorary doctorate and deliver the commencement address. It says further  

"At a time when the Holocaust is taking center stage, the libel action in London is a drama of landmark proportion. Your academic career and scholarship have been distinguished and you now represent all our people in your confrontation with the anti-semitic Holocaust deniers."  

We wonder why there was such a long delay in publishing it.

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