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The Toronto Sun,
Saturday, November 14, 1992

Irving Booted Out of Canada

By Bill Dunphy, Toronto Sun

NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. -- A furious David Irving was booted out of Canada last night, hours after he was ordered deported.

The British author -- a favorite of the international neo-Nazi movement -- was hauled away in handcuffs after an adjudicator ordered him out of the country.

"I've been railroaded," Irving said as he was led to a waiting van, "See. Canada handcuffs writers," he said as he raised his hands. "This is a disgrace for Canada."

Before the verdict, Irving told reporters: "I think you'll find at the end of this hearing whether I'm a liar or the Canadian government is a liar."

In a later statement issued from a holding cell at Pearson Airport, Irving blamed "foreign pressure groups" for his deportation and claimed the government relied on evidence they knew to be forged.

Irving had lied sneaking into Canada for a speaking tour Oct. 26, was arrested in Victoria, B.C., two days later, and ordered to leave the country in 48 hours.

Trip to U.S.  He waited until the last moment to leave but U.S. immigration officials twice denied him entry. He was re-arrested by Canadian border police, touching off a five-day deportation hearing.

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November 14, 1992

Irving's defence rested on an assertion he had complied with the departure notice by taking a one-hour hop across the B.C. border to Washington state.

Adjudicator Ken Thomson dismissed Irving's story as "a total fabrication, concocted to garner further publicity and prolong your stay in Canada."

Thomson listed more than six discrepancies in Irving's testimony.

An angry Irving repeatedly interrupted Thomson's decision, ignoring warnings to keep quiet.

'Serve notice'  Irving abruptly stood up, slapped a paper on to Thomson's desk and said: "I have to serve this writ from the high court on you which I must ask you to take notice of."

Thomson called security and Irving was ejected from the hearing.

The "writ" was a notice that he plans to appeal.

Spokesmen for the Canadian Jewish Congress and B'nai B'rith lauded the decision.

"Ordinary Canadians are glad to say good riddance to Mr. Irving," B'nai Brith lawyer Marvin Kurz said.

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