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Professor Eberhard Jäckel

Forger and Fraud


Lecture Visit to London

Professor Eberhard Jäckel History Department,
Universität Stuttgart
Sattlerstrasse 8

Jäckel is one of David Irving's most determined critics, and more than once procured his removal from German television round-table discussion programmes like Berliner Salon on October 3, 1989. For one such book-length attack by him on Mr Irving, see the Nizkor site. In an article in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on January 26, 1980 Jäckel argued that it was "pedagogically desirable" occasionally to lie about Germany's recent past.

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David Irving


Press Release

November 7th., 1983


A ROW IS likely on Thursday at the German Historical Institute (17 Bloomsbury Sq., WC1: ph: 01-404 5486) when pipesmoking German history professor Eberhard Jäckel lectures on "Decision-Making in National Socialist Germany and the Holocaust."
The principal target of Jäckel's lecture will be English historian
David Irving, 45. Irving has the permission of institute Director, Professor Mommsen, to be in the audience. The last time Irving was in such an audience was in April, at a Hamburg press conference proudly called by the magazine Der Stern announcing publication of the "Hitler Diaries". Jäckel was one of many experts taken in by the forgeries, and himself published some of them. Irving, speaking from the floor at the conference, grabbed world media attention by waving a handful of documents proving the "diaries" fakes until security men switched off the microphone.
"Hitler's role in several major crimes (euthanasia, the murder of British Commandos and Soviet commissars) is documented beyond doubt," says Irving, author of the standard biography
Hitler's War (Macmillan Ltd) and other major works on the Third Reich.
"But the German academics like Jäckel have produced no evidence at all that Hitler ordered the Holocaust. They have all just run around in circles quoting eachother. They have built their case on the biggest act of incest since 1945. The fact is, they have less evidence than a Brixton magistrate would accept in a case of bicycle stealing."

Irving will attend the meeting, due to begin at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday. In his pocket: the famous $1,000 reward he first offered in 1977 (David Frost TV show, etc) for "wartime documentary proof" that Hitler even knew of Auschwitz. "Hitler was a major war criminal," says Irving. "But that doesn't let historians off the hook: they have got to prove that crime properly, just like all the others. And if they can't they must explain why"

[Attending the meeting, Mr Irving and his assistants handed out to every member of the audience a dossier of unpublished documents on Hitler and the Final Solution, which provided Jäckel with some acutely uncomfortable moments at Question Time.]

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