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The Golden WFriday, July 4, 2003

Wiesenthal Center Dealt Massive Legal Defeat Over ‘Holocaust’ Revisionism

Argentinian Court Orders Center to Pay Restitution for Malicious Prosecution of Revisionist

by Adrian Salbuchi

San Luis, Argentina — After five years of legal harassment from the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) in Buenos Aires the Argentine revisionist Hector Buela, has obtained a staggering court victory. The SWC filed a lawsuit against Buela and his wife charging that they were inciting hatred against minorities by selling and publishing Nazi-era propaganda films as well as World War Two revisionist videos.

Argentina’s police executed a well publicised raid on the Buela family home and temporarily separated the couple from their children. All of this was televised live by one of Argentina’s largest television channels (which is Jewish-owned).

Héctor Buela, of San Luis, Argentina, ran a shop selling historical video tapes, many of which are from the thirties and forties and render a revisionist view on aspects of modern history. This outraged the local Simon Wiesenthal Center who conspired with a local television channel to frame Buela and his wife. They were arrested and indicted.

The local judge, however, disagreed, and he has now thrown the case out. This could very well serve as a precedent for other cases where “crimes of opinion” are punished.



IN A faultless verdict served by the Federal Court of San Luis Province, Argentina, our country’s Federal Justice halted further proceedings against Hector Buela and his wife Erika, who had been both falsely prosecuted by the Simon Wiesenthal Center of Argentina, for conspiring against the Jewish Community, under the terms of Argentine Law No. 23,592 which condemns discrimination on account of race, religion, nationality or sex.

The local police arrested. Erika whilst she was cooking lunch for her young children who had just arrived home from school on a very cold day. Her under-aged sons were left in the care of strangers, some of their belongings were stolen and she was taken by force to Buenos Aires, where she was indicted on the basis of false testimony, as the acting Judge clearly states in his verdict throwing this case out:

“..I must render priority to the fact that the criminal character of the accusation brought against the accused can in no case be proven, so that the actions and punishment thus elicited are totally untenable and uncalled for.”

Attorney Miguel Kayat‘s brilliant defense resulted in a concrete result far removed from the uncertain verdicts which local courts often serve in this country to the detriment of genuine Justice. In this instance the SWC failed to achieve its goal of silencing those who oppose their tactics, pressure and harassment.

The Bueloas are now permitted to sue the Simon Wiesenthal Center and all those who assisted them; the television program “TELENOCHE INVESTIGA” aired by Television Channel 13 in Buenos Aires will now be sued for compensation, and prosecuted under criminal law.square

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