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David Irving

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Letter to the Editor
The Times

April 4, 2000

[published, slightly edited]

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London, April 4, 2000



IN today's The Times (page 6) that notorious peddler of scuttlebut, the Board of Deputies, contends that funds for my on-going legal battle have been provided by "German Nazis who fled to America", young neo-Nazi supremacists, the National Alliance, the German People's Union (DVU), David Duke and others.

Not one of these contributed a penny. Dr Gerhard Frey, chairman of the wholly legal DVU, did make one personal unsolicited contribution of DM 5,000 (around £1,500) a few weeks back.

I have nothing to conceal even from the most paranoid. Before reading your article, I today invited a journalist from The Jewish Chronicle, who was interviewing me, to sit for fifteen minutes at my computer selecting contributors at random from the 4,000 addresses around the world (on condition that he did not reveal names).They are ordinary people, every single one of them; most are readers of my books, and I am proud of and indebted to them all.

Yours faithfully

David Irving

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