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AUTHOR’S MICROFILM RECORDSDescription | To obtain these microfilms, apply to source in brackets, or see bottom panel scrolldown]


DJ.1: Peenemünde dossier: including loose USAF interrogation reports, The Story of Peenemünde, some USSBS reports.

DJ.2: Lord Cherwell desk diary, 1943-45

DJ.3: U.S.S.B.S. interrogations; Adolf Galland on Luftwaffe day fighter force.

DJ.4: U.S.S.B.S. source documents including Wagenführ on “The Rise and Fall of the German war economy,” SD morale reports.

DJ.5: Deutsches Museum, Munich: documents on the Hochdruckpumpe long range gun, V-3.

DJ.6: ETHINT interrogations of Hermann Göring and senior Wehrmacht officers.

DJ.7: The National Archives Guide to Captured German Documents

DJ.8: [US] Foreign Military Studies: post-war manuscripts by senior German officer prisoners: including interrogations of Jodl, Keitel, Göring and others

DJ.9: [US] Foreign Military Studies: post-war manuscripts by senior german officer prisoners

DJ.10-12: Papers collected re the Allied 1945 raid on Dresden.

DJ.13: Berchtesgaden interrogations of staffs and families of Hermann Göring and Adolf Hitler, May 1945.

DJ.14: U.S.S.B.S. material on British morale after Luftwaffe raids; on Göring and Luftwaffe.

DJ.15a: Diaries of Waldau, Pickert, Fiebig, and Milch (Stalingrad); and US Army monographs on German campaigns in Poland and Russia.

DJ.15b: Jodl diary 1937-40; Suchenwirth studies on Göring, Udet, and Jeschonnek.

DJ.16: Catalogue of captured Milch Documents; Index of U.S.S.B.S. source documents.

DJ.17: Papers and diaries of Karl Koller (film now missing).

DJ.18: Himmler’s appointment, July 20, 1944; construction of Berghof bunker.

DJ.19: Wiedemann papers; Bormann’s diary of Führer 1934-1943.

DJ.20: Hitler’s personal testament; German navy and Luftwaffe papers on “Sea Lion” 1940, etc.

DJ.21: Extracts from Ludwig Beck papers, and from Bock diary.

DJ.22: Two 1944 Hitler speeches and other items from Nazi Party (NSDAP) files; and extracts from Weichs, Seydlitz, Hoepner, Groscurth papers.

DJ.23: Papers on Hitler’s family genealogy, and a different copy of Bormann’s diary of Hitler 1934-43 (see DJ.19). (Hoover Library NSDAP Hauptarchiv Roll 1:)

DJ.24: Central Works Inc., files and chronicle (V-weapons); includes Chronik des Mittelwerks GmbH.

DJ.25: Linge diary of Hitler’s appointments, spring 1943.

DJ.26: Paul Schmidt records of Hitler’s conferences 1939-194)4.

DJ.27: Paul Schmidt records of Hitler’s conferences, 1944; and Schmidt and Hewel official papers.

DJ.28: Selected German foreign ministry papers.

DJ.29: German atomic research program 1937-1945: scientific papers of Bagge, Heisenberg, Harteck, Gerlach, Reichsforschungsrat.

DJ.30: German atomic research program 1937-1945: complete set of Geheime Forschungsberichte, Jan 1942 – October 1944.

DJ.31: German atomic research program 1937-1945: loose Forshcungsberichte, interview notes, miscellaneous papers, Alsos (English) documents, some ADI(IK) reports.

DJ.32: German atomic research program 1937-1945: letters from the main scientists and personalities involved. Files of British papers on the atomic research effort and German interest in it.

DJ.33: [number in reserve]

DJ.34a,b,c: U.S. State Dept. interrogations of Nazi leaders.

DJ.35: Subsequent files on Allied 1945 air raid on Dresden including official British and German documents: the German police report and official Bomber Command operational report.

DJ.36a, b: Milch papers, diaries, notebooks, transcripts.

DJ.37: Nuremberg verbatim interrogations of Milch (NA, RG-238).

DJ.38: Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper’s papers on July 20, 1944 (1,246 pp).

DJ.39: Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper’s papers on the last days of Hitler; includes the ADI(K) version of Koller’s 1945 diary (762 pp).

DJ.40: RLM file of Göring and Hitler conferences, 1936-43: includes “Vorträge beim Reichsmarschall und Führer 1936-45”.

DJ.41: (Authentic) Speer chronicle, 1943 (FD.3037/49).

DJ.42: Liberator B24 Mark II training manual, October 1944 (research for Accident)

DJ.43: Tagebuch Generalleutnant Erwin Lahousen, August 12, l939–August 3, 1943.

DJ.44: Führer naval conferences, 1939-45: German texts.

DJ.45: [number in reserve]

DJ.46: [number in reserve]

DJ.47: James Hine Belota treatise (July 1954): The Development of German Naval Policy, 1933-39.

DJ.48: Nuremberg pre-trial interrogations etc. of Dönitz, Schaub, Raeder, Keitel, Jodl, Wiedemann, Lammers and Göring.

DJ.49: North Russian convoy PQ.17 [missing]

DJ.50: Lieutenant-General Sir Noel Mason-Macfarlane papers, 1943-45 (primarily Italian military government)

DJ.51: Winston Churchill desk diaries 1939-45

DJ.52: Goebbels diaries, Sept.1942 and Feb., June 1943 (Institut für Zeitgeschichte).

DJ.53a,b: Selected documents from official RLM files of Milch in Imperial War Museum.

DJ.54: Diaries of Erhard Milch, 1914-1918

DJ.55: Diaries of Erhard Milch, 1919-1924

DJ.56: Diaries of Erhard Milch, 1925-1935

DJ.57: Diaries of Erhard Milch, 1936-1946

DJ.58a: Diaries of Erhard Milch, 1945-1947

DJ.58b: Diaries of Erhard Milch, 1947-1951

DJ.59: Select transcriptions of DJ.54-58 and other miscellaneous Milch papers.

DJ.60: General Kurt Dittmar diaries 1939-1945.

DJ.61: Major Hasso von Etzdorf diary memoranda 1939-44 (VerbOffz des AA beim OKH)

DJ.62: US navy translation of Führer naval conferences

DJ.63: [number in reserve]

DJ.64: NG- and other Nuremberg documents from files of Staatsarchiv Nuremberg

DJ.65: Selected documents from Adjutantur des Führers (Bundesarchiv), part I

DJ.65: Selected documents from Adjutantur des Führers (Bundesarchiv), part II

DJ.66: [number in reserve]

DJ.67: Selected military court documents relating to Fall II (Milch Case), US vs Erhard Milch, Nuremberg.

DJ.69: Selected Nuremberg pre-trial and USFET interrogations of high ranking German officers newly declassifid.

DJ.70: Extracts from files of Justice Robert H. Jackson.

DJ.71: Selected records from Bundesarchiv Militärarchiv, Freiburg.

DJ.72: Extracts from Reichskabinett sessions, 1933-38.

DJ.73: British documents on Morgenthau plan and policy toward Germany.

DJ.74: Dienstliches Tagebuch Hauptmann der Luftwaffe Wolf Eberhard (Keitel’s adjutant) 1938-39.

DJ.75: Tagebuch Walther Hewel 1941, and album.

DJ.75b: General Hoffmann von Waldau diary and reports, 1939-43.

DJ.76: Diaries of Lord Halifax (Hickleton Papers, Borthwick Institute, York) part I

DJ.77: Diaries of Lord Halifax (Hickleton Papers, Borthwick Institute, York) part II

DJ.78: Rudolf Schmundt file, Fall Grün (Case Green), 1938.

DJ.79: Robert Ley IMT prison papers and writings.

DJ.80: Selected Bundesarchiv items from NSDAP (Bormann and Brammer) files.

DJ.81: Biographical files from BDC on Heydrich, Günsche, Heydrich, Darges, Schulze, Goebbels, Linge, Schaub, Hewel.

DJ.82: Ditto, on Hewel, Wünsche, both Bormanns, Fegelein, Kaltenbrunner, Gbhler, Brückner, and Schaub.

DJ.84: Jodl diaries, 1937-45, virtually complete, with annotations by Warlimont.

DJ.85: Selected items from Botschafter Karl Ritter (OKW) files.

DJ.86: Lengthier selected extracts from German naval staff war diary, 1942-44.

DJ.87: Robert H. Jackson oral history on IMT (594 pages).

DJ.88: Unpublished Hitler speech transcripts 1937-1939.

DJ.90: Draft typescript of Hitler’s War, The War Path, pages 10-523.

DJ.91: Helmuth Greiner’s handwritten draft OKW diary 1942-1943.

DJ.92: [number in reserve]

DJ.93: [number in reserve]

DJ.94-96: Author’s monthly “document books” on Hitler, 1938-45 (seven reels, transferred to IWM, London.)

DJ.97: Bräutigam diary, 1941-43.

DJ.98: [number in reserve]

DJ.99: [number in reserve]

DJ.100: From Ambassador Mackensen’s papers.

DJ.101: Diaries of Henry L Stimson (Yale University Library), reel 4: 1931-32

DJ.102: Diaries of Henry L Stimson (Yale University Library), reel 5: 1932-38

DJ.103: Diaries of Henry L Stimson (Yale University Library), reel 6: Jan.1939-July 1941

DJ.104: Diaries of Henry L Stimson (Yale University Library), reel 7: August 1941-

DJ.105: Diaries of Henry L Stimson (Yale University Library), reel 8: 1942-1943

DJ.106: Diaries of Henry L Stimson (Yale University Library), reel 9: 1944-1945

DJ.110: The 1956 Hungarian Uprising: Unique Collection of Revolutionary Newspapers (in Hungarian).

DJ.111: Extracts from declassified files of US embassy in London, 1938-1945 (NARS, RG-84, Federal Records Center, Suitland, Md.)

DJ.117: The William D Leahy diaries (Library of Congress), part I (1939-41)

DJ.118: The William D Leahy diaries (Library of Congress), part II (1942-43)

DJ.119: The William D Leahy diaries (Library of Congress), part III (1944-45)

DJ.120: Papers on Reinhard Gehlen.

DJ.121-28: Research files relating to 1944 Normandy landings (collected for The War Between the Generals).

DJ.140: [number in reserve]

DJ.150: Rommel’s personnel file; 1917-44 combat reports; interpreter’s diary in Africa, 1941-43

DJ.151: Diary of Vize-Admiral Ruge, 1943-44; of Meyer-Detring (Rundstedt’s G-2); etc.

DJ.152: Documents and interviews on Erwin Rommel, 1944.

DJ.153: Salmuth diaries; papers on Hans Speidel.

DJ.154-57: Rommel’s career, 1917-44.

DJ.158: Rommel diaries, 1941-1942.

DJ.159: Rommel diaries, 1942-44.

DJ.160: Rommel diaries, 1942-44.

DJ.170: A complete file of Hermann Göring interrogations.

DJ.171: Hermann Göring’s personal files, private letters, diaries; and other personal documents.

DJ.172: Papers on the Forschungsamt wiretap and codebreaking agency.

DJ.173: Index to Erhard Milch and Hermann Göring files; Kreipe diary, 1944; “Ultra” history of Luftwaffe.

DJ.174: Hermann Göring’s looting; the 1945 Colonel Bradin (Berlin Führerbunker) documents and other Göring files.

DJ.175-79: Collected documents on the Rudolf Hess affair, 1937-46.

DJ.180: Swiss archives on the Hess affair.

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David Irving has prepared microfilm copies of some of these files, and these can be ordered from Microform Academic Publishers, Main Street, East Ardsley, Wakefield WF3 2AP United Kingdom: Telephone +44 (0)1924 825700; fax: +44 (0)1924 871005; email: [email protected]; websites: and | Researchers are encouraged to use these high-quality films, since a royalty is paid to Mr Irving for each copy!Search Microform Academic Publishers online catalogue


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