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Focal Point Publications (FPP) began its operations in 1980, created by David Irving’s Focus Group, a small, ad hoc society of Londoners interested in preserving the British way of life. For a while it issued an irregular newsletter, Focal Point, to a mailing list of about five hundred. The group spawned an informal private dining society, The Clarendon Club, which met irregularly until the activities of the traditional enemies of Free Speech made further meetings virtually impossible.

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Mrs Jaenelle Antas worked for David Irving from August 2008 to December 2011. She studied political science in Indiana, and is married to a Polish student.

Her work as chief assistant to the British author David Irving took her to Poland, Norway, France, Spain, Britain, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, where she has met fascinating people. She has been highly praised for her efficiency in creating and running the Irving Books bookstore, besides which she organised his hundreds of meetings across the United States, and his popular tours to the former Nazi sites in East Prussia, and generally managed his his life as a writer. “I have rarely been privileged to work with such a competent colleague,” he says. [camera photo gallery, 2008-2011]

Touring the more violent speaking locations of the United States with Mr Irving, which included Portland, Seattle, New York, and Chicago, she more than once took action to protect him – in Chicago thanks to her astute advance actions police arrested the attackers and they were subsequently put on trial and convicted. She has faced pepper-spray attack and other violence, and she is not joking when she says she saved Mr Irving’s life four times during the years of their association. She resigned on December 2, 2011 to marry scientist Gerwich H Bode. They will live near Indianapolis.square 


pp A page of Jaenelle’s great essays

DAVID IRVING runs FPP as an equal-opportunity employer, allowing no discrimination on grounds of race, creed, or sex. His permanent salaried staff has included Barbadian, Sri Lankan, Jewish, and Punjabi staff. He will not publish manuscripts which do not meet his own criteria; he will not lend his name or authority to gratuitously offensive tracts, ad hominem attacks, or concealed or overt anti-Semitic, anti-German, or anti-anything-else propaganda. He accepts full personal responsibility for all the words published on this Website (but not for those to which, in the spirit of the Web, it offers links).


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