Posted Sunday, July 8, 2001

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 Our multi-cultural society is becoming a mutilate-cultural society: waves upon waves of immigration have mutilated our culture.

Sunday, May 6, 2001 (London)

THERE have been extensive race riots in Bradford yesterday and during the night. It appears that the National Front planned to hold a march in the city; which was banned by our Home Secretary [Secretary of the Interior] in his democratic way (and I make no bones about declaring that for Blair to appoint a blind man as Home Secretary was carrying correctness to its absurdest outer limits).

The last time I spoke at Bradford's university, in the 1960s, it was a White city. No longer. The NF obediently stayed away, but not the violent Anti-Nazi League (ANAL) idiots, who marched and counter marched, their membership for the day comprising primarily Asian youths (according to today's veiled, i.e. cowardly, language in The Observer).

I noticed one Claire Bissington being interviewed on the television newscasts yesterday which only sometimes identified her as the chief ANAL idiot. (Wasn't she also the organiser of the violent movement to stop me debating at the Oxford Union earlier this year?) I wonder what the Board of Deputies of British Jews will have to say tomorrow about their hidden funds being put to use organising such ANAL violence? (What, for that matter, will they be wailing twenty or thirty years hence: "Why us?" again, perhaps?)

Nobody from the National Front was interviewed, let alone the BNP. It seems they were not involved at any level. The police should now prosecute Bissington and her accomplices, regardless of religion, for incitement to this mindless violence.

Bradford riotsWhich did not stop the coloureds from having their day of fun, rioting, destroying, looting and burning, and putting 120 policemen in hospital and (says this morning's news) "mutilating" one police horse; I hope not in the sense that poor Police Constable Keith Blakelock was "mutilated" in the Broadwater Farm riots fourteen ago (he was decapitated by a machete wielded by a recent immigrant: not that you will find that detail in the press coverage of the incident).

Our multicultural society is becoming a mutilate-cultural society: waves upon waves of immigration have mutilated our culture. Small wonder that only the pea-brained politicians of the minimalist calibre of Tony Blair and William Hague want to have anything to do with the running of it.

The late Enoch Powell, though sometimes too clever by half, was at least less purblind than the current leaders; he had a phrase, a prophecy, to describe all this. I have no need to repeat it, it is so well known.

I say: Never has a nation not only abdicated power more swiftly, without any declared mandate from its people to do so; nor succumbed to the unnatural urge to commit suicide more strongly, than the native English, if I can use such a neutral phrase.

I hope the Home Secretary's office won't find that phrase to be racially repugnant -- "native English"? At least King Canute could not blame his eyesight; it is however not lack of eyesight that ails us, it is lack of foresight, ever since 1940.


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