David Irving

David Irving

[Photo by Jerry Bauer for The Viking Press, Inc.]
A protest to the Air Ministry, April 1, 1969

THIS LETTER from David Irving to the Ministry of Defence is reproduced here with hyperlinks and illustrations added by this Website.

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See also recently released (2002) Air Ministry file (1972) of Air Chief Marshal Sir John Slessor relating to Mr Irving's book on the death of General Sikorski.

Recorded Delivery

1st April 1969

Dear Sirs,

On at least five occasions, very probably many more, the security authorities have interfered with friends or acquaintances of mine and made defamatory remarks about myself. The latest instance of this has just been brought to my attention by the person concerned, and I must state that I am getting fed up with hearing from my two brothers in the R.A.F. (one now ex-R.A.F.), from people like Professor R V Jones, from my cousin Cordelia Carey in the M o D, that they have been warned about me. As you must surely know from your files, I am not a security risk; I have never belonged to, or been affiliated or inclined to, any political party other than the Conservative Association at university. I am a writer, pure and simple. My books, in so far as I obtain access to official files within the closed period, are properly vetted and passed for publication. There could be no writer more orthodox than myself.

FatherIn the past I have repeatedly shown myself to be on the side of the security authorities. In 1963 I volunteered information to Special Branch in connection with the activities of a Right Wing lunatic whom I considered to be a psychopath and potentially dangerous (Chief Inspector Gilbert of Special Branch will confirm this). I am 100-per cent of British birth, and my Father was a career officer in the Royal Navy.

If you have any reason for continuing to persecute me by intimidating my acquaintances who happen to be in the Services, and whose friend-ship I valued, I should welcome an indication from you of what it is. If you have not, I would be grateful if you would give me your assurance that you will not repeat these despicable threats, which are irritating to me and may well harm my very livelihood. I repeat, I am not a security risk - but if I do not hear a favourable reply from your Branch, I shall feel obliged to protest to the Permanent Under-Secretary, with a full file of details about your interference with my friends.

Yours faithfully,

(David Irving)


Security Branch,
Ministry of Defence (RAF),
Adastral House,
Theobalds Road, WC1

From: Air Commodore A.D. Panton, OBE, DFC, RAF Provost Marshal (RAF)



Norman Shaw Building South, Victoria Embankment


Telephone: 01-930 7022, ext. 5992


Our reference: 7/19/1
Your reference:

8th May, 1969.

Dear Sir,

You wrote to my Directorate on 1st April, the day I assumed responsibility for security in the Royal Air Force.

I have no intention of persecuting, threatening or otherwise treating unfairly you or anyone else for security reasons or any other reasons.

Yours faithfully,

A D Panton

David Irving, Esq.,

81, Duke Street,


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