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F2 Some of the fine people from all over the world who have worked for David Irving and Focal Point Publications, London

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In 1980 David Irving hired reading University student Wenona B. (above, with her mother, at Wanstead) as a research assistant. She was born in Barbados.

Xerox specialist Narinder S. (top right), born in India, became his secretary and assistant.





In 1987 the Sri Lankan Miss Chitra N. (right) worked for a year for him before going out to Malaysia as a marine biologist.

David Irving, Benté Hogh Benté Høgh
Upper: David Irving himself, pictured by daughter Jessica; a four-year-old’s eye-view.
Lower and above right: Benté Høgh, chief executive, born in Denmark (Jessica’s Mama).
Carla Venchiarutti worked for David Irving in the 1970s

Right: Mrs Roop Nahilborn in the Punjab, India; worked from September 1996 as Mr Irving’s personal assistant.

Alexis Smith Left: Alexis Smith, born in Brazil, tackles the monumental task of archiving thirty years of David Irving’s papers. A trip down memory lane.

Right: Tessa Reading worked with the BBC then joined David Irving’s staff for several months touring the USA in 1999; here she works with him in the cottage at Key West.

Tessa Reading

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