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Posted Monday, May 19, 2003

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Assicurazioni Generali In Bed With Foxman

FROM THE APRIL 8, 2003 issue of the New York Times. Scraping by on relief agency handouts, Mr. Weiss, his sister and three brothers, who had also survived concentration camps, remembered that their father, who was killed at Auschwitz, had taken out a life insurance policy from a big Italian company, Assicurazioni Generali. In the late summer of 1945, they contacted the insurance company. But when they could not produce a death certificate or policy, they were turned away.

"Of course you couldn't get a death certificate from Auschwitz, " said Mr. Weiss, who is now 75 and living in Toronto and Los Angeles. "And how could we have the policy? They took everything from us when they took us away. The company gave us the runaround, and after a while we just gave up."

Now, nearly 60 years later, Mr. Weiss, a retired watchmaker, is again trying to have Generali pay the old claim. He and seven other Holocaust survivors have filed a suit against Generali for the value of their policies, which their lawyer, William M. Shernoff, estimates may now be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars each, perhaps even millions of dollars, with punitive damages included.

FPP Website note: Abraham Foxman, wealthy and controversial chief of the Anti Defamation League, likes to refer to himself as a "Holocaust survivor." As a biography on this website shows, he was not even born when Hitler invaded his native Poland, and he was looked after by Polish Catholics throughout the war; his parents also "survived".

Abe Foxman of the ADL was the first to say the legacy of the Holocaust should not be about money, when he appeared on Sixty Minutes. So

  • why did his Anti-Defamation League accept a $100,000 gift last year from the Italian insurance giant Assicurazioni Generali, without fanfare, and in the midst of Generali's negotiations with survivors seeking compensation for life insurance policies it has refused to pay? And
  • why did the ADL, which released a statement praising Generali when it agreed to a $100 million settlement with survivors, remain mum when the company withdrew it?

Those questions were raised after an Israeli business publication, Globes, reported the $100,000 gift." If anybody thinks we can be bought for $100,000, that's pretty sad, " says Foxman. Well just how much would it take to buy the ADL? How much would Foxman take to sell out Jewish lives?

Dishonest Abe adds that he wished Generali had not withdrawn the offer.He says the ADL accepted the $100,000 because "when Generali came to us and said it wanted to repair the past, was there anything it could do with us, I said, "Since you are Italian, I'd like to focus on honoring Italians who stood up against nazism and hatred. If you want to fund our: educational Programs dedicated to that, I'd be delighted."

Generali maintains that it has no more than 100,000 unpaid policies that could have belonged to Holocaust victims. However, officials at Israel's Holocaust memorial museum, Yad ashem, reportedly believe that figure is low, based upon records Generali has provided. Generali has said it would cooperate in an independent review of its pre World War II files and contribute to a humanitarian fund for survivors.




CALL FOXMAN AT 212-490-2525 BETWEEN 9 A.M -5 P.M. EST

As was reported in the Forward, November 8, 2002, in an article, "Europe's Jews Fear Effects of US Attack on Baghdad," a number of Jewish Establishment leaders from around the world openly voiced their predictions of what the Moslem terrorists would do once America legitimately attacks Iraq. These Jewish Establishment leaders from France to England to USA, many not in the ADL, were attending an ADL conference on Global anti-Semitism. All agreed that the danger of attacks against Jews is real.

All except for one, except for the professional con man and hired liar by the name of Abe Foxman, the half a million dollar man. Now, what do you think "Dishonest Abe" said? Guess, and we will give our reader one hint. He didn't tell Jews to get legally armed and set up volunteer security teams. We will now quote verbatim from the article

"The ADL national director Abraham Foxman downplayed community leaders concerns...he had no specific information about any Jewish sites being targeted, and was counting on law enforcement to prevent any attacks."

Even after Al Qaeda has bombed a synagogue in Tunisia, after a group of Moslem extremist terrorists snipers shot up a synagogue in Washington State, after Moslem terrorists firebombed a synagogue in Riverdale, Foxman is still refusing to tell Jews to defend themselves!

In fact the quotes above reflect two lies that Foxman is trying to sell: That Jews do not need to defend themselves because they have not been targeted. Further, the second lie is that Jews can sit back and rely on law enforcement. This is contradicted daily by Foxman's own hypocritical behavior. First the ADL building has armed paid guards. They do not rely on the police but to protect their building and higher ups, but have hired armed guards.

Further Foxman the fraud has his own armed bodyguards. They are not "police" but hired guards. Now how come hypocrite Foxman, and his other ADL leaders are not willing to put their lives in he hands of the police, and dial 911 if there is an attack? Like Foxman tells other Jews to do, let this Jewish Charity dollars made millionaire practice what he preaches.

Of course in his own eyes his life is worth more than that of 6 million other Jews living on America, who can't afford to pay thousands of dollars a week for armed guards to protect their synagogues and homes from groups pledged to slaughter them. This reminds us of how in Hollywood a number of entertainers claim to support banning guns, and think no one not even a shopkeeper needs a legal gun license to protect their store. But sometimes the names of these actors and entertainers who preach gun control for everyone else makes the tabloids, and it is exposed that through "connections" they managed to skim of a concealed weapons permit for themselves. Maybe Foxman, learned acting from them because this ever-deceitful man is one heck of an actor.


Abe Foxman, who prevented Jews from putting up Menorahs on public property, has come out against the General Motors Corporation from sponsoring a Christian Rock Tour. "They have the right to do it, but I'm a little uncomfortable with a major commercial venture going into propagating religion." In a phone interview from Jerusalem, he added, "Evangelical Christians believe they have the truth, so are they selling a product because it's G-d's product? I find it troubling." These people are not missionaries - they are not trying to convert Jews - and they have the right to practice their religion without Foxman's complaints. It this petty stuff the ADL concentrates on - while downplaying domestic Nazis.


Jews are more vulnerable to anti-Semitism today than at any time since World War II, Anti-Defamation League national director Abe Foxman said Monday. "I did not believe in my lifetime that I or we would be preoccupied on the level that we are, or the intensity of anti-Semitism that we are experiencing, " he said. "The increased level of anti-Semitism continues to be the main item on the agenda of the ADL." The most alarming danger today, said Foxman, comes from Muslim anti-Semitism, which is more intense and more violent, tied to the political conflict in the Middle East. Foxman cited the issue of Holocaust denial, which he said took 40 years to develop into a perverted pseudo-philosophy.

Foxman should resign from the ADL because he is a failure and a Holocaust Pimp. He has grown rich from ignoring the Jews suffering. He is fraud through and through. It was Foxman who all these years told Jews not to rally not to demonstrate against the neo-nazis Klan or Moslem extremists. It was Foxman that abandoned Pollard, as well as met Arafat repeatedly and called him a man of peace.

It was Foxman who has truly turned Jewish community concerns into a quick way enrich himself to the tune of half a million salary a year ! Foxman must go if there is to ever be a Jewish establishment who under pressure will march against US Government pressure on Israel. Foxman must go if there is to ever be a Jewish Establishment that sets up volunteer security teams to guard synagouges and Jews. Foxman...the most corrupt Jewish Establishment leader in America today.

Foxman, a snake oil salesman has most integrity !!To help our campaign against Foxman and get him out of ADL write to us at J.D.O. Democracy in Jewish Life Campaign at JDO PO BOX 159 N.Y .N.Y 10150 . You can also e mail that you want to be part of DIJEL the JDO Campaign to make the Jewish Establishment more democratic and replace either the policies or people with those who will put Jewish interests first and last !Part of the campaign will be to force the status seeking ADL board members to fire Foxman now!

The good news is the California Board of ADL passed a resolution that because of Foxman taking money from Mr Corrupt Marc Rich secretly and getting caught that every four years his job should be subject to review. Well, that is not good enough for Jewish Militants. We do not want Foxman to stay on the job for the next four years or even for the next four minutes ! Call Foxman at his office 212-490-2525 and tell him to quit now, that he has old out Jews for far too long. Tell him to get a real job something he has not had in years! To get more info about this call JDO today at our National Headquaters 212-252-3383.


Now that "Dishonest Abe" has fired one of the better directors in the ADL, the regional director of his Los Angeles office, David Lehrer, many in the Jewish Community who once blindly trusted Foxman, including many ADL supporters, see Foxman for what he is - a petty dictator who will not allow democracy or different views or even opinions to be tolerated in ADL.

Although Mr Lehrer is someone who JDO has surely disagreed with at times, Lehrer took the neo-nazis very seriously and joined the ADL to fight anti-semitism. He, unlike Foxman, has an open mind and took personal charge to make sure that the nazis were monitored and opposed.

Mr Lehrer at one time encouraged Jewish students to hold peaceful rallies (lawful and legal) against anti-Israel groups on various campuses in the West Coast. However, Foxman fired him. Foxman cannot tolerate dissent. It's time that all the members of the ADL National Commission realize they are only useful for Foxman as a way to get money. Those board members who disagree usually get driven out of that once good organization. Today the ADL, even after the Rich scandal - that Foxman was central to - have yet to fire him. Foxman was paid to help Rich, took a large contribution from him, and abandoned Jonathan Pollard Prisoner of Zion.

All this speaks for itself, e mail JDO your statements on Foxman needing to be fired.

It will be forwarded to the members of Foxman's useless board, those men and women we call "Abe's Puppets". All in all Foxman has transformed the ADL from a Civil Rights organization to a lobbyist special interests group!


FPP Dossier on the Anti-Defamation League
"Holocaust survivor" Abe Foxman's salary nudges up to half-million, while his organisation begs for funds
The boss of crusade against anti-semitism confesses to press that his organisation took huge bribe to influence US President to pardon billionaire Jewish fraudster | -- says "The guy who gives you $100 doesn't get as much attention as the guy who gives you $10,000" | -- admits ADL took Marc Rich's $100G before pushing pardon: sees "no connection" | ADL's Foxman [left] grovels, March, 2001 |--New York Daily News assails ADL, "Jewish Leaders' Unpardonable Role" in Jan. 2001 Marc Rich corruption scandal |-- Elie Wiesel denies he Threw Weight into Campaign to Secure Pardon for Mega-Fraudster Rich (but he did) | Marc Rich Linked To $9 Billion Russian Jewish mafia Money Laundering Investigation
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