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Posted Monday, February 3, 2003



Abraham Foxman

president-corrupting National Director of the oddly-named Anti-Defamation League



Strike the Root


The ADL and Other Branches: Why Waste Time Hacking?

by Jim Davidson

THE Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith (ADL) is some sort of branch of evil. They don't seem to be at the root of the corrupt tree, but they certainly produce corrupt fruit.

The ADL came to my attention recently because of a press release they sent around impugning and other digital gold currencies. It is my view that their press release was a lot of nonsense. It claimed that "terrorists" might use e-gold to make transfers and therefore "the government" should be aware.

Putting that to rest is easy: just Google up the Wired magazine online archive for January 2002 and read Julian Dibbell's excellent, well-researched piece on e-gold. In it, you'll find mention of the practice of e-gold of responding promptly to subpoenas presented at their offices in Florida. Account histories are handed over to government agents, who are invited to partake of coffee and bagels in the conference room. So, the government already knows all about e-gold, and doesn't need the busy-bodies at the ADL to warn them about it.

As for "terrorists," they also buy and sell cars. Some terrorist might buy a car and finance it through General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC) and then sell the car to fund a terror attack. So, does the ADL warn that GMAC might be helping fund terrorists? Of course not. The ADL isn't interested in GMAC or anything else that is already well-established. Their attacks are targeted only at new fangled things, like individual liberty.

Consider their behavior circa 1947 when the House Unamerican Affairs Committee (HUAC) was busy having a witch hunt for "communists" in Hollywood and other essential defense-related industries. <smirk> ADL was giving up all the information it could to Congressional committees to identify, or misidentify communist "sympathizers" and anti-government activists. Lives were destroyed, careers were ruined, and the ADL is shameless in its nonchalance. They don't seem to care what results obtained.

Consider the Anarchist Action Network. They originally got going as the Anarchism Anti-Defamation League. The ADL sent threatening letters trying to get the use of the term "Anti-Defamation League" off the anarchist site. Why? They seem to think they own the words "anti-defamation" and "league" which has got to surprise a bunch of people.

So, what is the ADL all about? It is in favor of all kinds of hate crime legislation, to add thought police to the tasks government should be handling. It is in favor of governmental funding for museums. It appears to be in favor of a close funding and regulatory relationship between government and schooling. It is opposed to groups with Islam in their name, or Islamic connections of any sort. It is in favor of any sort of security apparatus that might make the United States into much more of a police state. It is against the display of the Ten Commandments in Alabama. It opposes private gun ownership, and attacks It opposes the teaching of Genesis and other books of the Bible. It opposes right wing groups selling anything, and it opposes free speech in music or film for those with views different from the ADL's. It is against militia "organizations" and the whole concept of the Second Amendment, no doubt making the organizers of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising spin in their graves.

It appears to favor the burning to death of Texans in their church near Waco, which seems like a hard sell from an anti-death camp outfit. And it has all kinds of hate groups and terror groups in its online database, no doubt where they'll add my name in a few days time. You can find these facts by browsing or in your spare time. Mind you, is a cookie-rich environment, but cancel seems to get past some of them. By all means, tell me I'm all wrong about their views, and form your own opinion.

A number of other web sites with varying amounts of fact, fantasy, and hysteria about the ADL are available. You can go to and come up with a few dozen yourself. I kinda liked William Cooper's eponymous site with its rants and unreality for a change of pace, and I was fascinated by some .uk sites [!!] with long stories about ADL bad behavior.

SHOULD you take these people seriously? I don't think so. They are just a bunch of sycophants who have never seen a USA governmental agency they didn't want to fawn over. I suspect that they have great enthusiasm for all the airport "security" that was put in place in 1978, and has recently been federalized. I'm sure the irony of an anti-Nazi outfit like the ADL supporting a "papers please" mentality and all sorts of federal eavesdropping and cavity searching is utterly lost on them. But I enjoy the irony for its own sake.

When it comes down to brass tacks, there really isn't much to be done about groups like the ADL. They waste a few tens of millions of dollars of donor money every year, and they probably convince elderly people to give them bequests, but they aren't the source of evil. They are just fans of evil, doing their best to cheer from the sidelines.

If you get slapped in the face by a branch of evil, it is tempting to get out a tool and hack that branch off. If someone you like feeds on corrupt fruit from such a branch of the corrupt tree, it is tempting to strike the remaining fruit from the tree. But, remember, your time is valuable. You have babies to hold, sunsets to watch, music to hear, flowers to smell, maybe some work to get done, and individual liberty to preserve for yourself and your posterity. You really don't have time to waste on branches and fruit.

If you want to tackle evil, you ought to strike at the root. Tear out the corrupt tree both root and branch, and for my money, concentrate on the root where the thing gets its feed. Mind you, there is much satisfaction to whacking off some branches or watching that rotten fruit fly. So, do what you will. But remember that the roots are there, and if you don't attend to them, another branch will spring forth in a few seasons time, and more fruit will be forthcoming.

What's needed, I think, is some analogy to a systemic poison like "Round-up." Something that gets into the root and kills the whole plant from below ground up. Maybe it is a starvation diet, with sunlight and water denied to the evil tree. Or maybe it is something no individual has yet imagined, but someone will invent one day soon. When it is discovered by a rugged individual or intrepid entrepreneur, you'll notice that the leaves, branches, and fruit wither up and die. Then you'll know the root is dead, and you can go back to enjoying life.



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David Irving comments:

HAVE A look at the ADL's own files, e.g. Special Backgrounder: David Irving issued to all ADL Regional Offices from Justin J. Finger on July 6, 1983 (it is on my website; or even earlier, to their attempts to stifle publicity for the Viking Press edition of my book Hitler's War in 1977. There's a lot more evidence of their unsavory activities on my website if they have forgotten them.

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