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Posted Tuesday, September 28, 1999


Middle East Labor Bulletin

Vol. 4, No. 3 Fall 1993

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ADL's Ties with the Mossad


Foxman ADL National Director Abraham H Foxman (right)



CONSIDERABLE suspicion exists that the Anti-Defamation League not only serves as an "unofficial" propaganda arm of the Israeli government -- a role its National Director Abe Foxman unabashedly claims -- but that it also provides information on Palestinians and Arab-Americans to the Israeli government and its intelligence service, Mossad.

The suspicions increased when a Chicago resident, Mohammed Jarad, whose named appeared in Roy Bullock's files, was arrested and accused of being an agent for Hamas, upon his arrival in Israel to visit relatives in the occupied territories.

Also, as revealed in an interview with the FBI, former ADL Los Angeles operative, David Gurvitz, acknowledged that having "learned from a law enforcement contact that a known member of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine," was about to travel from San Francisco to Haifa, he "called the Los Angeles Israeli Consulate and advised the Deputy Consul General." Later, a Hebrew-speaking individual from the Consulate called back to confirm the information.

Both Bullock and Gurvitz, however, denied that there is any direct link between the ADL and Mossad. However, a letter written by then National Director of the ADL, Benjamin Epstein on July 7, 1961, would indicate otherwise. Epstein was writing to Saul Joftes who was, at the time, the Executive Secretary of the International Council of B'nai B'rith, the ADL's parent organization, requesting additional funds.

"Our information," wrote Epstein, "in addition to being essential for our own operations, has been of great value and service to both the United States State Department and the Israeli government. All data have been made available to both countries with full knowledge that we are the source."

Joftes, a 22-year veteran with B'nai B'rith did not believe that this was the proper business of the ADL and balked; at which point B'nai B'rith decided to fire him. Joftes turned around and sued Rabbi Kaufman, the responsible B'nai B'rith executive, and entered Epstein's letter as an exhibit in his behalf.

In an affidavit filed in that action, Joftes stated:

"B'nai B'rith has become an international organization engaged, by Rabbi Kaufman's admission, in other things besides charitable religious and educational activities. It is no longer non-profit. It engages in international politics and more often than not does the bidding of the Government of Israel. Its leaders make frequent trips to Israel for indoctrination and instructions. I had tried to prevent this change. That is why Rabbi Kaufman tried to fire me.
  "He was making B'nai B'rith a servant of the Israeli Government."

That was 1961.

On May 6, 1993, the ADL's representative in Jerusalem sent a memo to National Director Abe Foxman informing him that he had attended "a small, farewell luncheon that Shimon Peres gave for Bill Harrop (the outgoing U.S. ambassador). According to Wall, "There were no other American Jewish representatives invited."

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