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Abraham Foxman's Obsession.

Typical of the gratuitous smears which the paranoidal National Director of the ADL utters is this Essay posted in 1997 on the ADL Website.

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Abraham H. Foxman's Obsession

National Director


Foxman"I AM OFTEN accused of being obsessed with anti-Semitism. I am accused of seeing it everywhere, hearing it everywhere, reading it everywhere. I find the accusation somewhat ironic since we at the Anti-Defamation League pride ourselves on reporting what is not, as well as what is, anti-Semitism.

"Is anti-Semitism everywhere? Of course not. Is anti-Semitism alive and well? Of course it is. As we head into the 21st century, an age illuminated by the collapse of fascism and communism and an age invigorated by fascinating technological breakthroughs, the disease of anti-Semitism persists and, indeed, thrives. It thrives in the deceptive scholarship of pseudo- historian David Irving who deems the Holocaust little more than a "myth." It thrives in the chronic defacing of suburban homes, synagogues and cemeteries from New York to Argentina. It thrives in the poisonous rhetoric of Louis Farrakhan, who disseminates hate while exploiting the frustrations and the miseries of the masses.

"But haters do not target Jews alone. Some 40 years after we fought to eradicate racism through litigation, legislation, education and the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, we find ourselves in a society still suffering from a profound intolerance, and in a society that seeks a perennial scapegoat in the "other" -- the Black, the Asian, the immigrant, the minority. We live in a society where the lies of white supremacists are but a mouse click away on computer screens ... in a society where paranoid nationalists stage standoffs with Federal agents... in a society where racists callously set ablaze one of our most cherished national assets: our houses of worship.

"If there is one lesson that we, as Jews, have learned from our sorrowful past of oppression and persecution, if there is one great truth we can bequeath to future generations of Americans of every skin tone and shade, it is this: until a vaccine against hate, anti-Semitism, extremism, racism and bigotry is discovered, it is our mission, our responsibility and, indeed, our privilege to stand up and defy the haters and join the noble struggle for an America of true equality, liberty and justice for all.

"I would like to extend my thanks to my wonderful and able partner, National Chair David H. Strassler, who has tirelessly given of his energies, of his time and of himself, and to all of our exceptional lay leadership and professional staff who are thoroughly and admirably committed to our cause."

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